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None of us are immune / poem

None of us are immune It’s going to be OK. It really is. We will face this situation together with love, humor, and patience. We will weep together.  We will laugh together. We will discover togetherness, in our aloneness,...

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Williamson supports the Green New Deal

From a recent post from Marianne Williamson:<<Join the EvolutionDear Bob,There’s a lot of talk these days about the Green New Deal, and for good reason. I do support a Green New Deal, and I want to be very clear about why....

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Vulnerable Rally

film ought to come up here: not you can visit youtube and watch it…the words on the placards/cardboard sheets from the film are here: Im scared I will perpetuate a lack of self compassion I...

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Important New Book by S. Brian Willson DON’T THANK ME FOR MY SERVICE My Viet Nam Awakening To The Long History of US Lies By S. Brian Willson The US-waged war in Viet Nam was not an...

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