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OPTIONS TO FINANCE MEDICARE FOR ALLIntroductionToday, the United States spends more than $3.2 trillion a year on health care.About sixty-five percent of this funding, over $2 trillion, is spent on publicly financed health care...

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What’s Up on Wall Street : Summer 2018

What’s Up on Wall StreetSummer 2018By Scott Secrest, AAMS®The stock market headed into summer on an up note, with large company stocks rising 3.4% or the quarter, small company stocks up 7.8%, though foreign stocks down 1.2%...

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how to post events in SonomaCounty

1. Bohemian: no specific email address but a form: 2. press democrat the same thing: 3. Sonoma West:...

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Jay North’s GFM site

From Jay North’s GoFundMe site and other posts:Hello dear friend from Jay North,I am communicating with you today because I really could use your support. I have been quite unwell, but I am working on getting well and back...

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Wonderland on Wall Street

by Scott SecrestThe stock markets have been rallying since the surprise election of Donald Trump. During the fourth quarter large company stocks in the U.S. rose 3.8%, small company stocks were up 8.8%, foreign stocks were down...

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Some videos explaining what the new movement is about to assist you in accessing knowledge and practical applications about it all…a current (or at least the latest in these films that I am posting) one:45 min:...

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Elder seeking assistance!

Elder seeking assistance! This may be the toughest writing I have ever attempted in my life, but here goes. I am seeking assistance but not begging-exactly! I am a writer and not a bad one and I have done my best to be of...

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Subject: Buffet Rule Warren Buffet is asking each addressee to forward this email to a minimum of twenty people on their address list; in turn ask each of those to do likewise.In three days, most people in The United States...

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