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letter from Al Gore…

Dear Bob,
 I wish I didn’t have to write this email to you. See, the environmental movement has made such great strides in recent years. We’ve developed new, cleaner energy sources, and lots of people are now taking action to...

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Extraterrestrial Technology (CIA speaks)

I just watched this hour long q&a about ET technology with a former CIA member, in an interview with the Sirius/Unacknowlewdged people via Dr. Steven Greer. It will blow you away… answers questions about how the...

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2017 Solar Eclipse – Aug. 21

2017 Solar Eclipse – Aug. 21TOTALITY MAP FOR OREGON: Viewing glasses: NASA’s Eclipse website:...

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Mothers for Peace sends a huge thank you to all our supporters who have been sending contributions to fund our case before the California Public Utilities Commission. If you have not yet contributed, we now have a matching...

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