is nudging us off the planet. She has warned us and warned us and perhaps our days are numbered since Gaia or Planetary Intelligence is now howling a wake up call…

One thing I wish to write about is this business about planetary intelligence or call her Gaia or call her the environment call her Nature but what I want to write about is the relationship between planetary intelligence Gaia to that of the coronavirus pandemic. I have a suspicion that climate change and the pandemic are connected even though not many people have been writing or talking about it at all. They just see it as a pandemic but let’s ask a question maybe the pandemic is coming from the lack of any effective climate change correction… that somehow there is a correlation between our lack of doing anything around climate change to that of the pandemic. Maybe this is something that a person like Greta has or will be speaking about but I don’t know. I just decided to take it on myself because I sense that especially after seeing films like INTELLIGENT TREES and the ANIMAL COMMUNICATOR, two incredible short documentaries that reveal the science behind the communication with animals and the communication with the trees have with the soil … with microbes and trees in their communication that was basically unheard of especially in modern day world. Perhaps I ought to say that the native Americans / indigenous peoples throughout the entire planet had a connection to the planet, had a connection to nature, had a connection to GAIA that was so much deeper and because somewhere along the line we lost this deep emotion to the visceral connection. We could then immediately turn soil into Dirt … and see it isnt just a rock instead of as a living breathing being in its own right that affects inanimate things that affects us who creates beauty who creates energy that we can feel if we’re calm enough and spacious enough and open enough to be able to receive certain information so let’s just go back up and see what this is all about. Let’s just play with the notion that Gaia Earth is directing this pandemic. I’m sure you’ll think I’m crazy. I don’t think I love to play around with concepts, activities, plans of action, interpretations and collaborations with other people with other indigenous perspectives and in allowing myself to have these radical notions coming in somehow and seeing and feellng where they will emerge again and try to listen as carefully as I can in this techno automated digitized world...

Should I be quiet and just let everybody else have their say in terms of translating the pandemic into something… could it be just very interesting timing that we have failed miserably when it comes to climate change action. Of course there’s people who are fighting the good fight but maybe we’re at a point where we need something really really radical just like a persons life they’ll keep going on and on and absorb their addictive behavior and they may do this thing or that thing I read that the girls go to an island and maybe get off of coffee and maybe stop drinking alcohol for a while but it doesn’t get to the root so we try to do all these things to manipulate us to control our behavior so we’re good people and sometimes we need a radical restructuring and perhaps embody ourselves to a totally different framework of reality. If it’s not working then let’s try other avenues, let’s try and experiment with other kinds of therapeutic models so what I am proposing is just plainly working with the idea that here we are living on this living breathing full of energizing cataclysmic storms snow rain sleet and on and on about how thrilling this planet is and how somewhere along the line we have taken it for granted as our home and yet we are screwing up our home being so totally disconnected to the mother to our mother to mother earth Gaia or call it planetary intelligence but a very much alive one that we can feel in our connection with animals to thought emotions in this life.


So what do we do before we jump into doing which is the activist obsession to do something right away. Let’s experiment with this being yes rather than immediately acting out at all the pandemic. We’ve got to act we’ve got to do things we got to do this lesson cross out the check out person by this and no curfew over here and all the stuff we need to fear… what about feeling what does that look like to feel the incredible reality of a pandemic and if we can is it possible to have some space to wander (and wonder) to see how it relates to perhaps like our family if we don’t do the homework we won’t be able to succeed if we don’t clean up our rooms or mother or father may be upset with us so of course this is kind of a mean analogy because this is profoundly dangerous this pandemic but I’m just trying to sort it out in a way as to the how and the why in the most interesting that this is our home.

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If we desecrate our home then there’s got to be repercussions along the way and so I just wanna say these words to insinuate that there is a connection: if we refuse to do what we need to be doing to heal the planet just like healing ourselves if we don’t want to look at our cancer and keep hiding it and hiding it soon enough, the cancer will eat enough out of the body that it will die not necessarily just similar to the fact that here is mother earth who we’ve been damaging exploiting taking away from… taking the oil from the earth, polluting the skies, damaging her lungs, damaging forests, polluting the lakes and the rivers and the ocean so all of this coming back to roost as they say so what is this all about what is teaching us if anything …

Do we kiss our lives away and saying “well that was a wonderful 50 years or 60 years or 70 years but what about the teenagers how upset they will ask us for why didnt you affect change soon enough to actually make a difference? Somehow the economic system is embedded with this notion that we have every right to use natural resources, our natural right to use them, where did the respect go, why weren’t we listening to the elders the native peoples for some reason and guidance that this western man, this European man came over to America to exploit to take to carve its presidents in a mountain and on and on….

So we see and begin to feel what we’ve done… we get to see the damage after hundreds of years of pollution and of destruction and raping of the earth then we come to some conclusion that we have to stop so laws are created but it’s not in time it’s always too late we should’ve been doing this 100 years ago and of course you’ll find people who were doing it 100 years ago you’ll find the people even 40 years ago were interested in things like voluntary simplicity things like homesteading things like going back to the land things like Permaculture.

We are where we are learning to participate in nature to play with nature to allow the chickens a wonderful life not being you know stuck in some indoor unnatural cage but allowing them to roam around and in these chicken tractors are so cool they have space and they poop and they can sleep there at night and then they can be moved to another spot where their poop becomes fertilizer in that particular area of the cage.

We begin to study Permaculture as a very effective and natural way to come in alignment with nature and our needs and we get closer to nature we get closer to our home… we have more of a respect for soil, for plants, for food, for eating … Gone are the days where we just drink a gallon of Coca-Cola or eat sweets until our teeth fall out. You know there’s something out there… there are these laws somehow in place for us to really be able to read and see and perceive how it feels to live a good life.

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Back to the planetary intelligence I just seem to want to speak about that quite a bit because it just seems more and more obvious to me that there is an unleashing of a pandemic to wake us up just like a human body all of a sudden was infested with decaying cancerous cells and we won’t change our behavior until we’re almost on our deathbed. There’s something about that scene that’s happening on a planetary level just play with me here… see the analogies of respect what kind of insights that you may have especially in terms of your personal life and what did you have to do in order for you to change certain behaviors. Because the doctor said that you were going to die if you kept on doing it this way? or your parents said something to that same affect? Do we know how we trust? The intelligence of our parents? We trust intelligence in our dogs and cats because they interact with us whether we’re playing with them too hard or not enough and there’s this new dimension of communication and now of course animal communication is happening. It’s not something that is so weird but it’s becoming more normalized so why wont the planetary intelligence also be normalized? If you destroy nature and it’s part of the entire eco-system whereby it’s fed energy and it comes back to haunt us if we disturb it so let’s not disturb it anymore lets really pay attention! Is this pandemic you know and inevitable outcome of the way we have been treating Gaia or the planetary intelligence? I’m working with the hypothesis that it is true that there is a reaction there’s a responsibility there is the fact that we need to honor, pay attention to listen to and respect just like we need to respect our minds our limbs our lungs or heart all these connections…. We are part of the planet, we are so intricately intimately totally connected this is our home and if we break those ties danger and disease seem to be inevitable This is all I want to say in the hopes that we can come to some kind of understanding so that an appreciation for this world for this nature for this earth for this planetary intelligence to be respected as we respect our mothers but then again maybe a lot of us didn’t respect our mothers (or still dont) so it comes natural to just go oh you can abuse your mother so you can abuse the mother earth you can just do any kind of damage you want… you can throw the garbage away into the river hey everybody else is doing, nobody’s looking and if someone is looking we can pay off the people when they issue fines…

So I think I will end here. I think I’ve done quite enough to talk about this particular analysis that I haven’t seen much at all so since my popularity won’t be affected by any of this different or radical perspective on the how to heal the earth by healing what’s wrong with us individually and how we treat the earth how we treat the mother how we treat our trees and rivers and oceans noticed in places to just keep on dumping and dumping all the piles of plastic that’s on the earth as well as in lakes and oceans and streams we are glad to see you connection we have got to learn different ways we have to learn lots to respect… but changing our entire lifestyle and it’s going to be hard it’s going to be slow you can start together with your close friends just having conversations about it …maybe even:

* create our own local currency
* create our own backyard garden
* make a compost toilet in our backyard
* making our front yard into a garden so we can share with neighbors who are doing the same thing …
* create local potlucks to gather and be more social than isolated to speak about such matters
* create a local facebook page or website to keep people connected when they are not.. Rather than connecting with people in Nairobi which is fine what about finding out about our neighbors needs or wants.
* create local documentary film screenings where we can gather afterwards and talk about such matters (Ive been screening documentaries for fifteen years in a number of counties since I travelled with my equipment.. but now with the new technologies and connecting video projectors with the internet, etc. we can screen films and invite people who may be experts in certain areas… Check out my ebook called BECOMING THE MEDIA (I can send you a free copy of the ebook version.. send me an email to [email protected] with the words: FREE BECOME THE MEDIA eBOOK….

And study certain people who’ve done really incredibly remarkable things like City Repair in Portland or in Seattle or in different cities where it started off as an idea (or connect with the highly successful Transition Towns global movement some 15 years ago or so) and all of a sudden people are demanding to be more intimate with neighbors and to collaborate instead of always competing or even have jobs in the neighborhood so no one doesn’t have to go someplace else to have to “work” but we could find work in our neighborhoods where more and more people are into and intimately and intricately linked to sustainability….

Bob Banner is publisher of and author of 7 books, soon to be published but all are ebooks right now ( He is also available to create a conversation after films, create gatherings to speak about these ideas… and when the pandemic lifts we will once again show films in our Florence cottage theatre, a sortof converted two car garage into a theatre and workshop area.

He can be reaced at 805.235.1733 or email [email protected]. am hopefully going to create some classes at the lane community college down the street…

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