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Open Spaces: My Life With Leonard J. Mountain Chief Blackfeet Elder Northwest Montana
by Jay North

(a review)…

I am an avid reader. Give me a rainy day, fireplace, cozy chair, new book and I am in heaven. I have always been intrigued by Native American culture, philosophy, ideologies, and rituals. I couldn’t wait to begin reading my newest find. I was naïve to how essential; crucial this unique book would be in assisting me on my life’s journey. I have transformed my life! I digress, for this is to be a review of the unparalleled, incomparable book that truly caught me by surprise. Each chapter has an innate lesson that can be interpreted on whatever level the reader is willing to receive the knowledge. I wanted to devour this book in one sitting. That was not possible for me.

Every chapter needed, deserved to be absorbed, integrated into my being. What I love is that upon rereading any chapter, I gain a new perspective. This book truly resonated with my soul. Leonard’s reverent messages are so important to share with anyone who will attentively listen. I have recommended and gifted this memorable book to all my loved ones. Actually, I recommend it to anyone who has an interest in life, in love of our precious planet and in compassion for people.

Laurie A, Santa Barbara CA.

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