A balanced media diet

Some notes by Bob Banner, Publisher of www.hopedance.org

There are many media sources that are truthful and whats also important is how we feel after we eat, digest any media diet from anywhere and anyhoo… rarely do we talk about the EFFECTS OF MEDIA... do we feel righteous? alone? terrified? geared up for activist action? enlivened and resourceful? inspired and hopeful…?

hmm we rarely question how we feel after eating FOOD rather than a MEDIA DIET.. We are taking messages and memes and feelings into our system and rarely do we find time or take time to DIGEST it properly or even having a conversation about it…

Lets start a group page and call it the MEDIA DIET and have people speak about and express what are the results of such information/media… Do we grieve, do we get angry, do we get confused and complacent, do we get so energized that we wish to become involved in an issue that is very close to our heart? like veganism or peace or prison reform or the countless actions that the younger generation are taking on.. or even speaking up about how we feel when we hear a Trump or a Bernie or a Biden?

When I start the page I will definitely post it around so we can include a media diet in our general diet so it becomes part of the conversation!! woohoo I did it!! I actually wrote it! Ive been feeling the importance but it keeps alluding me but I captured it.. and will post it somewhere (I did I posted it here!!) . I also just searched at hopedance.org and found this: (http://www.hopedance.org/component/search/…)

1. Forget the Mainstream and Pursue Independent Media
… why media diet and learn to discriminate as much as we do with the food we eat. Ten years ago my rented studio needed to be tented, so my landlord paid for a nearby Motel 6 for a night. At the time, I did …
Created on 20 August 2009

2. Transition, Opportunity, Resilience & Celebrating: How can we move through these most interesting times.
… it, that was okay. The mantra is fake it until you make it! Media Diet. We talk about food diets 24/7. We rarely talk about our media diet. What goes in, what goes out, what makes us feel good …