Hello HopeDance folks…, I requested permission to post this at the hopedance.org site… here it is…
Ive been studying the material of Marshall Vian Summers on and off for about ten years (and have visited him twice in Boulder).. Here is the communication…

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I love the work of Marshall.. Im wanting permission to post this at the hopedance.org site. Let me know if there are ay prerequisites… or introductory remarks necessary…
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The Messenger Marshall Vian Summers received a new revelation from the Angelic Assembly on December 31, 2019, in Boulder, Colorado titled

The Great Turning Point for Humanity

This newly received revelation will be released on the opening night of
The Messenger’s Vigil, Friday, January 24, 2020.

For over three decades Marshall Vian Summers has been the recipient of a vast New Revelation, given to prepare humanity for the great economic, social and environmental change that is coming to the world and for humanity’s emergence into a universe of intelligent life.

What follows is an account of Marshall’s reception of this new revelation, The Great Turning Point for Humanity, by his wife Patricia Summers.


January 22, 2020

On New Year’s Eve, December 31, 2019, Marshall Vian Summers was called to receive a new revelation of the New Message from God. It was a beautiful, crystal clear day.

That day, a founding member of the Worldwide Community of the New Message, Mary Lee, had entered the final phase of her life. Each day brought her closer to her transition. Mary had assisted Marshall for decades and was one of the first people to help him in his work. Mary had worked for years to further the Mission of the New Message and contributed to building the reality of the New Message here in Boulder, Colorado. Now her time of departure was approaching.

Marshall often says he benefits from doing gazing and contemplation practices at places that provide a long view of the landscape. Given the sense of weight and the early morning feeling of this day for Marshall, we decided that a refreshing drive out into the Boulder Valley countryside would be good for us. There is a farm out in the valley that has “right-to-wander” trails and land, where we like to walk. At this time of year, the Canadian geese have migrated this far south and they flock to the farm, which has ponds and a creek running through it. The farm is also a wonderful place to experience stunning views of the Front Range of the Rocky Mountains all the way up to one of its highest mountains, Longs Peak, which stands at 14,200 feet or 4346 meters high.

We walked the farm trails and stopped to gaze intermittently. The air was clear. The natural daylight was beautiful. We placed our hiking chairs in the pasture near the path, and sat for about an hour, sipping tea in this perfect environment for doing spiritual practices such as Stillness, a Four Pillars review, a dedicated contemplation or the far-focus gazing that Marshall likes to do. Between us, we did all four. We thought of Mary. 

Teller Farm, Boulder, Colorado

Following this refreshing time in the countryside outside Boulder, we drove back home. 

Once there, Marshall said that being at the farm really helped him, though “the pressure” felt like it was building again for him. Finally, at about 5:00 pm he said:

“Patricia, I’m being called. I have to receive.” 

Reed came in minutes and set up the recording equipment. We prepared the space, closing shades, making tea for Marshall.

I watched Marshall as he readied himself. He said quietly, almost whispering:

“There is a canopy around my head. As they come closer, I can feel their Presence. It’s heavy, pressing down.”  

We realized that we needed to record Marshall’s impressions during this time right before the revelation. Here is what he went on to say:
“I woke up this morning after a pretty good sleep, but feeling very weak, unusually weak, and I didn’t eat for quite a while, and I was just feeling unlike myself, as if something unusual was going on with me. And I just didn’t want to do the normal things I like to do, since this is New Year’s Eve, and it was a day for some needed rest. 

It was a clear, cold, beautiful day in Colorado, and we wanted to go outside, so earlier we did go for a walk in a beautiful area that has a huge vista of the Rocky Mountains. I took a folding chair with my wife Patricia, and we just sat out and gazed at the mountains for quite a while.
But the pressure was growing, and the Presence kept growing, so by the time I got home, I felt a weight on my shoulders and a weight on my head. I felt being pulled away from everything else, like I was in a beam and it was drawing my inner attention to it, ever more strongly.
So here it is New Year’s Eve, the beginning of a new decade, so it makes me think this calling may have something to do with that since I have not received the Assembly in this way for over a year, given that the New Message is mostly complete. So this must be something very important. I wait to hear what it is, though I do get images, and thoughts come into my mind as kind of a prelude.

So I will not give it a name or say what it is at this point, for it is about to begin.”

Just before the revelation started, Marshall said quietly, almost whispering:
“This is December 31, 2019.

The Assembly is building a canopy around my head right now to protect me from any errant intervention or thoughts. As they [the Assembly] grow closer, I can feel their powerful Presence. It is so powerful that it is almost hard to bear. It feels heavy on my head, like a weight pressing downward.”

Marshall sat motionless. 

Moments later the Voice of Revelation began to speak.

As the revelation continued and continued, there was a growing emphasis in their tone. 

The following are a few of the stirring passages from this revelation, The Great Turning Point for Humanity:

Excerpts from

The Great Turning Point for Humanity
“At this great turning point, you stand at the threshold of great change in the world, greater than you yet realize, a greater change than has happened at any time in human history.
For you stand at the threshold of a universe full of intelligent life. An Intervention from this universe has begun. And you face a new world reality, for humanity has changed the world in so many ways, and now it is changing on its own, in ways that you cannot control or predict…
This next decade will be a great turning point for humanity, as this great environmental change begins to alter the face of the world, as humanity faces a growing presence in the world from those beyond who would seek to use this world for their own purposes…
To have any sense of what is occurring and what is coming, you must have the courage to face certain things that perhaps far exceed what you even thought were possible…
Who can prepare you for a new world reality? You have a few solutions, but you will need many more…

We are here to prepare you for the great change that is coming to the world, the great change that will alter human civilization, for better or worse—permanently, from this time onward, as if you have crossed an invisible line that changes everything.
Regarding your entrance into a Greater Community of life in the universe, no one on Earth knows how to prepare for this. Only God can provide this… 
You must be honest enough to say you do not know what to do. You must be honest enough to say you cannot make a plan. You must be honest enough to say your ideas are too small for this.
The seas will rise. The lands will dry. Whole cities will have to be abandoned. Whole coastlines will have to be abandoned. Not in some future century, but in this century. Not tomorrow, but it is coming.
This is what will unite humanity…a planetary emergency that does not stop.
There are those responding at this moment, but their numbers are very small. There are those who are awakening at this time, but their numbers are very small. This is a Calling for every person who can respond…
You stand at the next decade—a decade of tumultuous change, a decade of evolution, evolutionary change, not just personal change, not just political change–evolutionary change. [It will] change the outcome for everyone. Succeed or fail, [this is a] pivotal time in human history, perhaps the most ever.
The Messenger will go forth and speak of these things, as he has done before. He will speak to your heart, but he will also speak to your strength.
So what We are speaking of here today is known to you. It is in your cultures. It is in your history. It is in your blood.”

The revelation concluded after about 48 minutes. We sat in stunned silence together for quite some time. Eventually, Marshall opened his eyes. We asked him how he was feeling. He began to speak to us. This is what he said:
From Marshall Vian Summers on receiving

The Great Turning Point for Humanity

“Prior to the revelation, I felt a great canopy being built around my head, as if it was a funnel going up beyond what could be seen, [offering] protection for my mind and also a clear channel that has been built over many years to enable me to receive this.
The first time I experienced this [long ago], it was only for moments, and it was so powerful that it took me weeks to recover. But having had this engagement now many hundreds of times, I can recognize when I am being called and what it means. I can allow this protection to be built for me.
And when the revelation is over, the canopy begins to pull off my head to ascend Heaven bound, not Heaven in the stars, but Heaven beyond the physical realm entirely. It leaves my mind very quiet and empty.
I only remember a few things that were said, but I was awake the whole time. It’s so rich that I can’t stop to remember it. It doesn’t wait for me to remember it. It doesn’t need for me, at this point, to remember it.
Yet who will hear this great Calling from above? That is the question that they pose that I must concern myself with.
My mission and purpose is to receive this [New] Revelation, to build its core community, whom I will need to help me bring it into the world. For this, I pray for those who can respond, for themselves and their well-being and their future, and also for those who can respond and assist me in a mission that is far too great for one person to ever carry out.
Time is short. We do not have centuries to deal with these things. But we still have the ability to communicate around the world through the Internet. This is the window of opportunity that will allow this to go worldwide. And it’s already going worldwide, even from our beginning efforts in this regard, thanks to the dedicated action of many people whose [technical]  skills far exceed my own.
So I ask you to receive, for first you must receive before you can give. And I also ask you to give, for while you receive, you must give.
This is a big Calling, the biggest there could possibly be, maybe the biggest in human history, for the consequences are so extreme. The danger is unlike anything the human family has experienced in the time of human civilization—not merely a great challenge to one nation or one tribe or one group, but to the whole world. Danger from within and danger from without.
We have no excuses now to say we can’t understand or we don’t know, for God has spoken to these things directly.
I call upon people of good will and good faith, of any religion or faith tradition or no religion at all, to hear these things and respond, as they naturally will. For Knowledge within them knows the words that they speak of (the Angelic Assembly) and that I speak of as well.
My message is known to you at a deeper level. It may not be the level that you think of or are aware of at this moment, but what I speak of is not foreign to you. For the blessing is with us. A New Message has come into the world. It has come at just the right time.”

We sat in silence for quite some time after Marshall finished speaking. We preserved the audio recording and messaged The Society about what had just happened. As he stood up from his chair, I could see the effect on him. Marshall has said on many occasions that although it feels effortless for him to receive the revelations, he feels exhausted afterward as if in the space of 50 minutes, he has done a whole day’s worth of intense work.

It was about 6:20 pm. We went down to the kitchen and began to prepare a simple dinner. We ate in silence, grateful we were together. At 7:25 pm, a text came across my phone saying that Mary Lee had just passed. We sat for a long moment, feeling this news, thinking, “Oh Mary, you’re free,” and then a surge of emotion and gratitude. We responded back asking if we could come right away and sent an image of the song “In the Morning” from Marshall’s music book. 


Marshall gathered up his guitar and we went. 

Once there, we stood in stillness together with Mary, her family and her devoted caregivers—members of the New Message community here who had been with Mary continuously for many weeks.

Marshall began to strum his guitar. It was wonderful to hear these resonant tones. He then sang and we joined him in three beautiful songs to Mary that he had written long ago, and that Mary and we have sung together many times over the years.

  • In the Morning
  • Across the Bridge of Light
  • Alle, Alle

It was a beautiful moment for us both in time and beyond time together. 

In the Morning

I’m going to open up my eyes 
In the morning.
There’ll be colors across the sky
In the morning.
Ain’t going to be like any morning I’ve ever seen
In the morning.

I’m going to rise up with the light
In the morning.
There’ll be no more darkness in my mind
There’ll be a world full of light
In the morning.

There will be no disguise
In the morning.
God will appear before our eyes
In the morning.
All my fears will fade away
In the morning.
And the light will come to stay
In the morning.

I’m going to rise up with the light
In the morning.
There’ll be no more darkness in my mind
There’ll be a world full of light
In the morning
In the morning
In the morning
In the morning
Of my life.

Across the Bridge of Light

Across the Bridge of Light love waits for me. [repeat]

Across the Bridge of Light I am flying
Across the Bridge of Light I am free

Across the Bridge of Light I am flying
Across the Bridge of Light I am free

And finally, 

Alle, Alle (Listen, Listen)

Alle, Alle, contreyana
(Listen, listen, to the Voice that speaks.)
Misu vada, misu vada
(To the Knowledge within you, to the Knowledge within you.)

Mary Lee engaging with her environment of inspiration

Late that evening, we returned home feeling very moved by Mary’s passing and grateful for the long journey that we’ve taken together with her.

Once home, we were very tired from this consequential day. As the Voice of Revelation said several hours before, and with midnight fast approaching, we realized we were standing at the threshold of a new decade of great change, and with a New Message from God for all of humanity, literally in our hands.

Nasi Novare Coram,

Patricia Summers

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Patricia                                                       Summers notes                                                       while capturing                                                       the 'Afterglow' of                                                       Revelation
Patricia Summers’ notes capturing the process of Revelation

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