Bob –

We don’t want to take up too much of your time, so we’ll keep this brief:

    • Bernie has a very good chance at winning Iowa in just 28 days. That is because we have the largest grassroots organization of anyone in this race.

    • There are some very powerful individuals and corporate special interests that are desperate to defeat us, and they will spend unlimited sums of money during these critical final weeks in an attempt to stop us.

  • The ONLY way we are funding this campaign is from lots of people giving small donations. That is how we fight back, and that is how we win.

And that is why we are asking:

Can Bernie count on you to make your next contribution to our campaign today? Help us take on the billionaire class while putting us in a position to win this primary.



As long as we continue standing together, there is nothing we cannot accomplish. Thanks for chipping in to stand with Bernie.

In solidarity,

Team Bernie