Do we yet feel the real threat to our freedoms?

The following is a note I recently wrote to a new “friend” I connected with on the internet… supposedly a human connecting in the internet world and for some reason she began to express her concern about what is happening to her family, their constant use of the cell phone and gadgets to keep them entertained and to see right in front of her the total dissolution of familiy togetherness and connectivity… this begs the question: is how we are moving so fast to this new prison, who are representing and selling this real freedom? Who is truly for human freedom, who is soliciting more alleged emotional connectivity at the expense of our true freedoms? Are we even capable of discriminating between real love and connections versus the ones that make us FEEL connected. We really need to demand for ourselves to question our behavior, our true motives, what is really at risk here and to demand of ourselves to ask ourselves what is really happening here?

It’s a trying time for many families… becoming more isolated yet more together imagining a connection with the other world, outer world beyond our close friends.. its no wonder the perfect woman or man will be determined by our fantasies, our illusions and will satisfy ourselves temporarily… and I predict, as well as others do, its a matter of time when we so desire to link ourselves into a grid where we are virtually connected but rather than a device it will be a chip inside of us. I no longer bring such enthusiasms for this new world of seemingly connnected 24 hours a day…. there is something insidious happening and we need to explore all various interpretations and directions.. . assuming we wish to have our humanity back…

Who is guiidng all of this? where will be the revolutions and who are the real revolutionaries, who will have disconnected from this all powerful grid so they can help our brothers and sisters to become truly free?

We will lose quickly by simply giving up but we will surrender most easily and eagerly and enthusiastically since it will be what we “want” … that seemingly invisible and not messy connection and it will only be a matter of time before we will defend it to the death that we want and prefer our addictions, we want and prefer that real illusion maya of the other seemingly truly loving us… we wil give it all away for the sake of such immediate illusory pleasures… it will be a sad day in humanity’s history when we let go of human relationships for the alleged friendships to the fantasy of a robot who will seemingly be at our beck and call every second of the day and be totally in agreement when its time to sell our soul… I see it happening… the only element in society that I see is doing anything about it is called the allies of humanity and the work of marshall vian summers who is in connection with a source that is on the side of humanity rather on the part of seducing humanity to give up their freedoms all for the sake of these tidbits of algorhythm directed highly seductive methodologies… :

The Allies of Humanity - Exposing the Extraterrestrial Presence

We need to become really honest with ourselves and to demand of ourselves to be ruthless in our quest for real companioship or falling for the constant pushing of our emotional buttons to seemingly feel genuinely connected yet rapidly surrendering to a phantom that is truly seductive for a very malicious end.. and we had early warnings of what is happening now.. They found the only way that was acceptable, sci fi writing so perhaps we could see the subterfuge they were warning about.. and yet where are the warnings now especially in the midst of such seemingly agreement for more and more immediate indiscrimate pleasure. If you have anything to add to this conversation, lets add to the alredy existing critique of what is happening and to seek stronger and genuine companions moving more toward genuibne freedom and away from the easy and complacent….

Time for gathering up resources that are exploring this and demanding change.


Time to post articles that reflect the mood of the above article.. please post in the comments or email [email protected] so I can begin to amass a convincing and plethora of articles and resources and documentaries and movies that explore this subject in more depth.