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Greetings from Florence Oregon..

Eventhough Dede and I (and the doggies and soon to have the kitties) have moved to Oregon doesn’t mean my heart has left the central coast. I still send mucho links to numerous facebook pages/articles/reviews/news items that involve the central coast of CA.

Please stay in touch with the website and its calendar and the new articles from time to time…

If anyone wishes to continue in my footsteps as in screening documentaries… please read the ebook I created (see below) and we can chat more about it… Contact me at [email protected] or call me at 805.235.1733…

– Bob Banner

I finally have put my major writings together in 6 books in the hopes you may wish to read them or offer them to friends.
To donate please use this form:
or paypal works or using the gofundme campaign I made years ago that still is operational:

And if you ever come this way in Oregon please stop over and say hello and maybe spend the night in one of our AIRBNB rooms (if you donate more than $95 your airbnb is free!) or simply visit for a bit.
My number is 805.235.1733; email is [email protected]

If you donate more than $45 (valued at $64 for all of the ebooks) I will send you all the six eBooks I have written over the years (or if you just want one or two thats fine as well)… :

1. SUSTAINABILITY : Radical Solutions Inspiring Hope book of 456 pages ($15) (edited, the best of HopeDance)

(collection of my favorite essays penned by meau) (186 eps) ($12)

Enjoying Book2019 latest

3. IN SEARCH OF CONSPIRACY (Novel, written in my late 20s)… 175 pages ($12)

ISOConspiracyCover23 BW

4. GOOD FOOD (an anthology of the best food articles in HopeDance) (215pps) ($14)


5. FROM LAUGHTER TO JOY (my LAUGHTER YOGA book) (80pages) ($8)



Becoming TheMedia Book

Thanks for participating in the many varied events whether a film screening, a deep conversation gathering, a meditation circle, a crazy wisdom circle, writing workshops, an all day film gig with many speakers engaging in deeper conversations…. or simply playing some pong or hanging out, or going out on a hike.

Thank you for participating with meau and friends around so many adventures… from individual film screenings to all day film festivals like the one on Death and Entheogens (separately not together hahaha), the deep conversation gatherings, the voluntary simplicity meetings, the laughter yoga fun exercises and events, the pot lucks, the protests, the meditations, the writing workshops, the gatherings at Carol Pimental and Don’s mini farm, the Y2K scare, the trips to the hot baths outside of Paso, the parties after an issue to celebrate authors and to keep that spirit of camaraderie alive that is so essential for movements to emerge and sustain themselves…

so thank you thank you…

Sometimes now I feel very lonely because Im going to have to recreate everything I loved.. But you are all inside of me as I venture out with Dede into a new life… And one memory that is most essential is when Stacey Warde (Rogue Voice publisher) and I came back from a long day of window washing, four words came to me and I immediately wrote them down because I knew I would have forgotten them… I knew I was going to do another publication but it was just a matter of time since I was so done with Conspiracies since that was one of my earlier publications back in Santa Rosa… The words “Radical Solutions Inspiring Hope” came to me and a few days later Selene invited all her friends over to our little house (on Sandercock) with the garden in the front yard and chickens in the backyard to come together to come up with the name of the newly ready to go magazine…


Bob Banner
[email protected]

If you wish to contribute see the GoFundMe site where you can also receive something (books, films, window washing…) while you contribute. Im calling it …