HopeDance FiLMs update…
(and some notes about activism)

by Bob Banner

October 29, 2019

We screened ANIMAL COMMUNICATOR last week in the hopes to get some folks at our new experimental and small cottage like theatre with 24 chairs (we had one person attend and before that 2 people visited to see INTELLIGENT TREES)… and will be showing (this Wednesday) the doc A BOLD PEACE about Costa Rica who’s president abolished the military to pursue a path of freedom and peace and prosperity…  as well as instituting free education and free health services… the film will be screened Wednesday, October 30th at 630pm… (https://www.facebook.com/events/2373987212813286/) at 269 Ivy St, three blocks from Old Town in Florence, OR… donations welcomed. To locate the best link for these details is to visit http://www.hopedance.org/events/eventdetail/1466 where 85 people have clicked for Wednesday’s new screening! Just a note fyi: Since Im relatively new to the area I have piggy backed on some progressive facebook pages to get the word out.. Well thats a crime in the facebook world so Ive been banned a number of times and now won’t be able to even post on my own fb pages until Nov 2… go figure!


facebook invite page:


What an easy way to get information out to people by screening excellent documentaries. It makes it easy for me so I don’t have to memorize all the factoids regarding a specific issue and it’s perspectives and I simply come in, screen the film (with the room and equipment I have) and engage in a conversation afterwards, or invite someone whose expertise is in the area of the documentary and assist them in engaging the audience with the question and answer period… We also invite other political or social groups to place their literature or business cards on the table for the audience to peruse or take home…

Pretty easy (if you have the space and equipment or simply rent the library or restaurant basement…). I hope other  people do the same thing….

On a similar topic I often wonder what it takes to get more people active in being an activist so I wrote a piece about the fears of activism or the limitations of the normal type of activism we often see…

We often see activists in a singular lens (either as protestor shouting into the camera or being filmed doing some sortof activism for the 6 o’clock news segment)… and then we often fail and then feel awkward and simply fall away to the sidelines or simply give up our activism since the results aren’t what we anticipated… we are often simply being seen (by the corporate media) as passive persons shouting from the sidelines or angry activists destroying something.

What needs to happen, in my opinion based on self observation, is to cheer, if you will, all the people who somewhere and somehow along the line do what they love to do like the people who love animals and simply became animal activists because it is the most natural thing to do… or if they love fruit or vegetables and we find them involved in food production whether its growing food or processing food or manufacturing frozen meals or being a cook.What they love becomes their form of “activism.”

And perhaps we can recall a number of connections between happy people who are doing what they love to do… and their “activism” is simply a logical result of their love! In this larger definition of what an activist is, they are typically the happier people around.. and what better activist to get things done are the happier ones than the ones who are grumpy and regularly complaining… You know what I mean? Do some certain individuals come to mind?

If you love food, love yoga, love animals, love the same or different sex, love traveling, love mental health, love writing, love meeting people, love cooking, love talking on the phone, love jogging, love comedy, love studying, love standing up at city Council meetings, love preparing food, love hiking and on and on and on… if you love something anything, you can easily find a way to either make money doing what you love and donate or do what you love involving an activist type so the various wrongs are becoming right. Let’s simply look at what jobs or livelihoods that are connected to our love, our unique passion that perhaps we would do it even if we didn’t get paid, assuming all our other needs are getting met. And perhaps its time to start nudging those people by assisting them with the notion: well, if you love (the name of the activity) so much why not sit on the board of this or that organization so what you love grows larger and larger in our communities.

Also, perhaps we can see our love for something can actually be needed in our communities as in:

Food production for the needy (Ive met the most interesting people who made dinners or desserts for people coming to a church for a free meal!)

Food production for the activists battling on the line…

Soil scientists seeking out community gardens throughout the county or city or neighborhoods to assist folks with excellent soil or creating compost workshops.

Communicating/canvassing door by door about a campaign for an upcoming local election that you have some passion for…

Writing articles for a newspaper, writing a speech, making a documentary, like that fellow for the Bernie campaign independent from any media team or political campaign decided to create his own that was widely and wildly successful!!! Write a passionate plea/letter/commentary and hopefully a publisher or letter to the editor’s columnist will like it and publish it because it’s her or his job to locate interesting letters to the editor for the public. And perhaps you are thinking about something right now!

It’s a simple matter of connecting what you love doing with simply tying it together with a campaign bigger than ourselves. Comments, questions, criticisms, commentary, etc. can be sent to [email protected] or call 805.235.1733.


Bob Banner has created and published a number of magazines offline and online for more than forty years. If you wish to contribute to his gofundme site and receive five ebooks he has written and edited please visit : http://www.hopedance.org/donate … He is new to Florence, Oregon and loves it here…