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I’ve lived here (3960 s. higuera #104) at Creekside for nearly five years. Im selling because my mate and I plan to move to Oregon to slow down and enjoy the cool weather and outdoors and lakes. It’s also a state that has actually banned Fracking as a state law!

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A video clip of what you see from the front of the home looking out at the creek:

I have loved living at #104. The home was not even for sale back then but I was just staring at it one day while I was sitting at the picnic table near the jacaranda tree, all right there near the creek.  As I was looking at the home I had this notion of wanting to buy. I had never purchased a home before so this was all new to me… I called up my now no longer living on the planet friend and realtor Allyson Nakasone and she journeyed me through the process and fortunately the woman (at #104) was interested in selling so she could return to her family back east since her husband had recently died.

Wow, the house became mine… and I could use the jacuzzi and the pool and play pong with friends and enjoy the quiet of the library inside the clubhouse and actually use the clubhouse for parties, a birthday party, a new HopeDance issue party, or an IONS meeting, or a laughter yoga session party, or to show a documentary above the fireplace with the wonderful kitchen nearby (not to mention walk or ride my bike across the street over to Trader Joes to get some needed food supplies!)…

Lots of fond memories of living at Creekside… and even taking Dede’s dogs for a walk to the dog park as well as easy access to the dumpster to put ancient stuff out with a FREE sign or plop it in the dumpster (they have weekly pick up for recycled as well as for garbage, but not yet for compost).

The pool opens at 8am and closes at 10pm. The office opens at 8am and closes at 5pm.

I love that a kids park is nearby and see and hear the sounds of children giggling and enjoying themselves soothes my heart. And having the creek nearby and even jumping into it a few times have been both refreshing and memorable… theres even a bike path connected to the  Bob Jones Trail that is a simple yet quieting bike ride… and leads to the wonderfully satisfying and best espressos of all the coffee shops in the city,  Coastal Peaks Coffee, less than a half mile from Creekside.

The library room has been wonderful to simply sit and read when other places were occupied. The pool table is a wonderful space to play pool to either compete with myself to freshen up my skills to play with friends. The pong table is outrageously fun with friends who don’t play with keeping score thereby allowing intensity and laughter without the need to compete… a revolution in the works if I don’t say so myself but thats another story…

One thing that I totally value is that any member can “rent out” the community room for free if the dates and times work out. I have had meetings, film screenings, birthday parties, swimming parties, laughter yoga gatherings (when I used to do that) and even some serious meetings concerning many topics and can’t forget the bingo every Wednesday night starting right at 7pm!

I love riding my bike around the various streets in the park (and btw traveling only 10mph!). Ive even washed windows at some of the homes which allowed me to get to know neighbors better. The people are friendly, courteous, the children are so pleasant and exciting to talk with… with their adventures, what they discovered in the creek and what have you!

I have a For Sale sign on my front yard facing the creek and the jacaranda tree. Or call me for more information at my new cell phone # (I finally broke down and purchased one!) : 805-235-1733.

Thanks for reading,

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the NEW listing through is here:

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