A book called Messengers by Chico Xavier fell down from the proverbial book shelf and fell into my hands… odd I said to myself.. and opened the book and read about a space where humans who have died and who had no appreciation or knowledge of a different life (they simply assumed that everything was just “over”) were in a specific room where they occasionally had some kind of spirit magnetism energy flow around them so that they could be weaned to become accustomed to this new and other dimension.. I was intrigued.. why now, why this passage, why this book? I have to admit that my life was unfurling fast.. a speed I couldnt control and perhaps this was a sign.. a sign of what I didnt know..


But a person who I know has done some work with the folks in Chico Xavier’s circle called The Spiritists. I decided to call Brooke and simply talk. Fortunately she listened. I wanted to be with her, to talk, to breathe in some air with her however it came out. I simply wanted and needed something since I felt I was freaking out.. freaking out simply means that I no longer had some equanimity around various issues… they seemed to be daunting, everlasting, constant, relentless… I told her about the passage. I told her that I also read that the Vatican has condemned the Spiritists (I shouldnt have been surprised but alas I was!)… and yet Ive screened the films CHICO and ASTRAL CITY a number of times that still brings to me a chilling yet acceptable wave of appreciation for Chico Xavier’s gifts. He has written more than 400 books channeled using the automatic writing style of closing ones eyes and scribbling what is coming from another dimension…In this particular case, a previous lived doctor named Andre Luiz.

Long story short, Brooke agreed to see me… I thanked her and soon walked into her new yoga studio (in Atascadero) … I suggested I go into a far corner of the room. She smothered me with pillows and yoga pads as I lied motionless but full of drama… When I opened my mouth to speak, tears just flowed and flowed… perhaps channeling people who couldnt cry but here I was feeling it… I was a conduit perhaps… she was the conductor and I was a massive plasma of tears and grief…

We simply talked a bit… between bouts of tearful expressions. She listened, talked only when I asked her questions. This went on for about 40 minutes or so… Wow what a gift I told her.. thanks.. oh my god how necessary it is to have friends or teachers or relatives or parents who can simply sit with such emotions without trying to change them, without answering questions that would lead me back into my head… but she allowed me to stay in my feelings… and let it flow like a river into an ocean of light… and then it was over… smooth transition… the floodgates were open… the tears subsided and appreciationand gratitude was the outcome..

thank you so much Brooke for just letting me be wherever I was at and to trust this process..

thank you Brooke.

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