Lakota People's Law Project
Dear Bob,

Chase Iron Eyes and Family

Lakota People's Law Project

Thank you for your support throughout what has been both
exciting and a trying year. After yesterday, we have much
for optimism. Yesterday was a good energy day. I am now
absolutely sure we can win this fight in the end, and we are
winning this fight now.

Ruling on several important issues in court yesterday,
Judge Lee Christofferson admonished prosecutors for
withholding key evidence,
set deadlines for them to furnish that evidence to my
legal team, reaffirmed our right to collect additional
evidence from
militarized DAPL security firm TigerSwan, and extended
the timeline
of my trial to November. This is all tremendous news and
my heart
is filled with hope.

My case, and HolyElk’s, are truly unique. No other water
have been granted the right to pursue this scope
of evidence.
We aren’t playing it safe, but I wouldn’t have it any
other way.
You can watch the video to see our legal team discuss
yesterday’s hearing’s monumental outcomes.

I will be clear that, even with all the positive outcomes,
our fight is
not without serious challenges. The forces mobilized
against us
continue to stand their ground more strongly than
ever, as
evidenced by Morton County Sheriff Kyle Kirchmeier’s
testimony yesterday, under oath, denying TigerSwan’s
influence over the
policing at Standing Rock.

Even so, we had a great moment in court when,
under cross
examination by our chief counsel, Daniel Sheehan,
Kirchmeier admitted that attendance records of law
enforcement meetings not only exist, but show that three
employees (whose names he conveniently forgot)
those meetings regularly.

With our now-confirmed ability to aggressively
pursue these
records, and with the judge’s stern warning to
prosecution and
the sheriff that he will “vigorously enforce” our
right to them,
the pieces are falling into place. The sheriff has
until May 1 to
give us all we’ve asked for.

Our beautiful battle began in the camps of
Standing Rock and
now echoes in the courtrooms of North Dakota.
We’ll prove
that law enforcement colluded with TigerSwan and
parent company Energy Transfer Partners. We’ll show
they ran a violent, racist, no-holds-barred campaign
against our
prayerful circle.

The coming months promise much hard work as our
team collects evidence and builds our landmark
defense that can protect our
rights to free speech and protest into the future.
I ask that you
continue to stand with us by sharing our exciting
news with
your friends and relatives. Let’s keep the circle
We have much to do.

Pilamaya – Thank you for standing with us!

Chase Iron Eyes
Lead Counsel
Lakota People’s Law Project

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