SOULand ~ a Hospital Sanctuary and a School Programme for the care, health and maturing of the human SOUL

SOULand 2018: The Pilgrimage and Book

I have started a year SOULand Pilgrimage ~ the month of February I am in San Luis Obispo

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SOULand 2018: The Pilgrimage and Book

‘Our Souls are starving of enlivening connections and wild beauty with great consequences to all of Life. It is time to wake up to being totally needed, to mature as a species, and to remember in our bones that we deeply belong to our dear and threatened world.’ – Azul Valerie Thome

A 13 month international journey for the infusing and weaving of Soul through SOULand: A Place and A Programme for the care and maturing of our Soul.

If these words touch, move or inspire you in any ways you might consider supporting me to offer what SOULand is moving me to do and offer…

Pilgrimage 2018



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