Just watched ZERO DAYS 3 times – you will want to see this documentary about Stuxnet – US secretly developed malware used in Middle East cyber attacks; not just because of its documentation on US cyber attacks in Iran to disable their Nuclear Power Plant program to develop nuclear weapons –  perhaps this is documentation as to why and how Russia was able to cyber attack our election last year;  it appears these may be connected; also, the scary information about how these cyber attacks are capable of disabling  and  sabotaging major US operations of banking systems, power grids, oil refinery facilities, railroad operations (nuclear power plants? ) etc.  Many of these have already happened, but the link has not been officially made in our media systems.  (how our cyber attacks on Iran were inadvertently turned on America;  (what went around, came around)   If you know these terms “Stuxnet malware” that ultimately blew up some Iranian centrifuges but also led to some very powerful cyber weapons.  Used to  wiped out the Ukrainian grid ; by Russians in 2015.   Be sure to watch the Directors comments in special features.  He speaks to the incredible vulnerability the US has to cyber terrorism and attacks. 

I believe this is evidence as to the vulnerability of US nuclear power plants;   I would not be surprised if it eventually even  led to the Russians sabotaging our presidential elections in 2016;  I hope you will make some time to view this important film;  it debuted in Berlin where it was well received.   Everyone needs to see this film. (Edward Snowden is mentioned a couple of times as well)