A Million Meditators on the Mall

Dear All,

In these tumultuous times, I am interested in getting a million people together to meditate on the Washington Mall. It could be worldwide as well. I thought it might interesting to have Thich Naht Hanh or Maha Sombodhi Dharma Sangha (the Buddha Boy) lead this, if they were available. Otherwise, it would be apolitical and areligious, focused on tranquility and what is called (so I just learned) Subtle Activism [see for a link about the new book on the subject: editor].

I can’t organize this alone and don’t want to be the point of contact. I have been getting a lot of advice (Start a Facebook Event Page etc.) but don’t know a date and again, I don’t want to do this myself.

If you do want to talk or if you want to lead this, I may be able to help with minor administrative tasks.

This is a non-centralized meme, Please make counter post/threads and I will contribute. I believe it would be good to do this soon.

In Light and Service,
Paul >>

Im willing to play contact, email me at [email protected]