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Interview with Mark Grayson:

1. Mark so can you tell us why you got interested in Gyrotonics and why did you pursue it as a career?

A. My interest in studying how my body moves started when I injured myself in 1982. I spent a number of years doing yoga and then shifting into Tai Chi. Those movement studies helped me understand how to manage pain and perform better physically. In 1993 I started understanding the Feldenkrais method. I found this hugely powerful for managing my discomfort and improving my understanding of the body. In 2002 my Feldenkrais mentor suggested studying Gyrotonic to supplement my understanding. By the end of the first hour of Gyrotonic work it seemed as if all the puzzle pieces finally fit together! In 2003, I certified with Juliu Horvath, the creator of Gyrotonic and have been teaching ever since.

2. My partner who visited you recently tells me that your method goes directly into the energy flow like in acupuncture so one doesn’t need all the typical measures allopathic medicines do as in cutting into the body for example…. Response?

A. The work that I did with Dede (Amescua Wheat) was a combination of many things tailored to her… Topping the list is helping people understand energetically how to coordinate the different systems of body as they move through their daily tasks. The body’s only agenda is to heal itself! Often our knowledge is so limited we rarely know what to do. It is my goal to help a student to understand more. With some simple habit changes, their healing becomes an inside job that they are in control of. The body instantly starts to heal itself. This is an amazing ability that we should all exploit to the fullest! Results vary among different students yet most see some degree of improvement while studying with me.

3.  When one looks at the larger picture  of health in relationship to large corporate interests we dont really see much genuine interest in actually healing since if people got healed like I did with you (years ago around my tennis elbow) there was no return policy, no added revenue every month or so, no pills to be taken, no continual appointments…  In my case the tennis elbow went away… I never experienced tennis elbow after that one healing session. Although I don’t play as much now as I was when I went to see you, tennis elbow doesn’t even exist even when I play ping-pong vigorously 2 -3 times a week …

A. Your body was ready to learn and you had not beat yourself into a bloody mess, this is why you had such good reaction to the study we did.

4. Do you find these similar situations in other practitioners? Do you get together with other Gyrotonic practitioners and exchange notes and perhaps encourage others to attend the various colleges or medical facilities or educational seminars as in how does a Gyrotonics movement grow? How do people become a practitioner like you? How does it make its mark in the United States or is the movement pretty steady  in Europe, Australia and other more progressive countries?

A. I am constantly updating and polishing my knowledge. I do lots of individual training with masters in the Gyrotonic method. Gyrotonic was developed to help dancers who were injured as well as those wanting to perform at a higher level. I teach mostly therapeutic work, balance issues and pain management. Strength and performance enhancement are definitely a big part of this work if someone wishes​ to take the training in that direction! The work continues to grow worldwide. You can study Gyrotonic in almost every corner of the world! Word of mouth and various websites including . This movement modality does not have a huge advertising campaign behind it, as if the work is simply speaking for itself! As I attend specialized teacher trainings often and I am seeing more and more physical therapists adopting this as a modality to help heal people, I find this very exciting as it brings Gyrotonic to more people.

5. Can you let our readers know your most challenging healing episode? and allow yourself to explore it with and for our readers?

A. My most challenging healing episode has probably been within my own body. Being an endurance athlete for so many years has taken a toll on every aspect of my body, and the years seem to just keep flying by! At 56 years of age I’m feeling fairly confident that I can be active and not injure myself. Also the daily understanding of what my body needs to feel good is a huge payoff and always a challenge! For instance when people make New Year’s resolutions to become more physically fit, they​ usually don’t know where to start. Most of us know more about our favorite hobby than we do about how to move our body. Often health clubs encourage “body sculpting” and “working out.” Often “working in” you find that beautiful youthful 3 year old self that toddled around and learned how to be a young vibrant child playing effortlessly all day, with ridiculous amounts of energy to spare! That knowledge is still hiding in your DNA, it is so fascinating to reignite that learning desire! I watch myself and others make such a wide variety of changes, it’s mostly neverending!

6. Do you give talks periodically or teach classes regularly or irregularly? And if so how and when?

A. In one hour private study session a student can develop a week’s worth of homework. Other students come to my group classes, obviously this is less focused on the individual student. I love to show this work to people and often give demonstrations to larger groups.

7.  Do you have a website where people can be learn more about you and your healing approach? Is this the main one?

[Mark is currently working on a fresh website “bodywise”, and a Facebook page “body wise movement” they are both under construction. As soon as they are completed I will post them here…: Editor]

8. More and more it seems that the bottom line or the foundation of Gyrotonic is that healing is actually an inside job in that healing happens by itself,  it simply needs a type of  guidance rather than infiltration or invasion (as in the increasing number of healing modalities these days)?
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A. Whether your goals are increasing physical ability, polishing balance or managing pain I can help you grasp new Concepts to understand and achieve goals!

9. I recall speaking to a regular doctor about a rip in my bicep muscle that happened some years back. He gave me the options of surgery, time period, the possibility of going to India for a cheaper price and turn it into a vacation, etc… He surprised me when he said that he doesn’t do any healing, that healing simply happens. His “job”, he told me, is that he simply sets the stage for healing to happen faster and more efficiently. I’m always eager to discover how my attitude or beliefs are part of the dominant reality. When I first heard his words I was shocked as if it was the newest discovery ever (especially coming from a medical sanctioned doctor)… So, if I was thinking that way, as the story goes, then I imagine others are thinking the same way as well. Somehow I was supremely delighted to now “know” that healing is continually happening until somehow it stops, like a river will continually move unless it gets dammed, or when damaged tissue needs time to heal. It already and always is happening not unlike the soil in the soil, if it’s wet (getting proper needs met) plants will continue to give veggies or fruit a place to grow…
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A. Your recollections and observations of Western medicine are often far too accurate. Yes, our bodies really do want to fix themselves! (I think your words are very accurate in this paragraph.)

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Often ‘working in’ you find that beautiful youthful 3 year old self that toddled around and learned how to be a young vibrant child playing effortlessly all day, with ridiculous amounts of energy to spare! That knowledge is still hiding in your DNA, it is so fascinating to reignite that learning desire! I watch myself and others make such a wide variety of changes, it’s mostly neverending!