Is sea salt toxic?
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All forms of commercially available “salt” contain mostly sodium chloride (NaCl)… somewhere over 95% NaCl.  some contain more other minerals than others, but that is beside the point.  we get minerals from fruits and veggies, not from “salt”.  a study was done in 1995 on a group of chimps for 3 years… some got salt in their diet in normal human dietary amounts.  the sub-group that got salt, some rapidly developed hypertension.  another study showed that hypertension fairly quickly leads to deterioration in the brain.  hypertensive heart disease is a leading cause of death.  I believe these overt negative health effects are only the tip of the iceberg… there are many subtle changes that occur, and are most noticed by people who are older, wiser and have more sensitive bodies, but nonetheless are playing out in younger people as well.  the younger are not immune to hypertension – just more resilient.  behavior changes can occur.  people usually think only about hypertension when it comes to salt, but other physiological effects are happening.  I believe that violent thoughts and bad dreams are an effect of dehydration, which is one of the effects of consuming salt.  salt messes with the balance of Na+ and Cl- ions in the body.  Na+ is the sodium ion.  Cl- is the chloride ion.

The most chilling aspect is that the govt is covering up the scientific understanding of Na+ and Cl- ions.  food labels only talk about “sodium”, which is basically a lie because, while Na+ is found naturally in fruits, vegetables, and grains, along with Cl-, NaCl is an additive that is being called “sodium”.  NaCl is not sodium.  NaCl is sodium chloride… an addictive food additive.  This is how they can essentially “hide” NaCl content (salt content).  The smoking gun is that they omit Cl- content on the food labels.  further, the USDA does not even list Cl- in their food composition databases of nearly 300 nutrients, even though Cl- is an important mineral that we get from food.  Why?

The body needs Na+ and Cl-, not NaCl.  here’s an example, though a bit extreme… take a look at another two essential nutrients, potassium K+ and manganese Mn+.  If you combined them into potassium permanganate, KMnO4, you get a highly toxic substance.  it has a sweet taste.  nobody suggests sprinkling it on food to add sweetness, and as a way to get enough K+ and Mn+.  this example serves to illustrate that two chemical elements, seperated as ions or bound to other molecules, are very much different than those two chemical elements bound to each other.  this is basic to anyone with a rudimentary understanding of chemistry.

Tomatoes taste a bit salty, right?  guess what?  they contain natural Cl+ and natural Na+… but not NaCl.  1 cup of tomatoes contains about 100 mg Cl+ and 10 mg Na+.  it’s actually the Na+ ion that imparts the salty taste.  tomatoes are very good for us.  if you buy them as pasta sauce with a bunch of added NaCl… it’s toxic.  for example Newman’s Own pasta sauce… almost 1000 mg of NaCl in 1 cup, which is x100 the natural sodium of tomatoes.  and the government labels this as 19% of daily value.  … the food supply is poisoned.

Ingestion of salt also can cause “emotional numbing,” by way of hypertension.  emotional numbing, or emotional dampening is a feeling of “nothing really matters”… a kind of anti-depressant.  healthy emotions, and healthy responses to emotions, go to the core of what it means to be human… to be in a human community… meaning relationships, family, and larger communities.

forwarded to us by J Calvert