Khlil Gibran Wrote “Never Speak of Your Love, your passion must remain secret until she unfolds, otherwise you suffer a broken wing”. Christ spirit, advised “never cast your pearls among swine, as they be waisted”. The Dalai Lama, Tenzin Gyatso says that we “waist our energy by discussing things that do not concern them”, Leonard J. Mountain Chief had this to say about reverence; “never take one in scared ceremony that does not belong there.” Hazrat Inyhat Kahn, advices that “we must never speak of our deepest spiritual desires, with non spiritual persons—as our soul becomes lost’.

The point is, when we open our mouths, open our hearts and share with the ignorant and non believers, we toss away our very essence that creates our beingness.

To attain the unfoldment of the soul we must learn to place our hearts in the cave to walk among them.

With Love Peace & Blessings
Jay North aka J Mountain Chief

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*I am an elder now doing the very best I can to survive. Just an interesting side note: Khalil Gibran world famous author of The Profit and 107 other books died in New York City of a broken heart over his books not being accepted. He was supported by two women that paid for his flat and his meager provisions. If he were alive today he would be a multi millionaire.

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