(an edited excerpt from a lengthy email correspondence)… Feb, 2017

…One other note about the future that is part of this conversation: I spent nearly twenty years publishing a paper ( all about solutions wherever they emerged, whether it was compost toilets or community gatherings, or film screenings, or all day immersions on death or solar power or affordable and sustainable housing or local farming or the plethora topics that we covered… To inspire people with what has already been developed and not have to repeat the same formulas over and over again expecting different results and reporting on such festivals as bioneers and the green festivals… Not sure how to evaluate that effort that was not a governmental agency and basically an independent effort at trusting what I thought needed to be addressed ignoring typical consensus reality. I was hoping to plant seeds from the future…

But now I don’t necessarily see genuine solutions as coming from more conversations and more policy changes or coming from the political reality but something deeper, something more profound… Perhaps a compassionate listening… Perhaps a mental and feeling revolution that allows something else to enter into the discussions. Some may call it spirit or the awesomeness… A collection of friends who come together and bring down the future in a language that is inclusive rather than exclusive. I’m not sure what it will take… All I know is that I don’t want to involve myself in that what has been tried and failed. Everything needs to be exposed and explored including us and our own efforts and attachments to our causes. How does one hold close a world that is going extinct? How does one hold both possibilities in the same breath?

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Perhaps this tension is not unlike the pressures of the earth since we are part of the earth. Perhaps we need to start seeing the world and us as not separate, that we are really interconnected to what happens and to FEEL it and to not automatically go into our heads about it. Maybe learn what neuroscience is teaching us about the intricate intimacies between us and the earth (between what happens in our brains and how mycelia acts in the forests). Perhaps we need to let go of seeing ourselves as the dominant human superiority complex that is somehow embedded into our psyches. Perhaps we need to take these sacred medicines like entheogens to get glimpses of who we really are so we can truly act from a different dimension since what we are doing isnt working….

That’s enuf… Thanks for listening.

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