January 1, 2017

by Bob Banner

Perhaps its that time to feel the appreciation, to acknowledge the gratitude. For me its time due to some incessant complaining about world events and personal challenges…. ahhh gratitude for GLASS so I can see the beauty of the outdoors from my studio… for HEAT to warm my home… for SHELTER to house my body… for WATER to wash my fingers and face and toes… for FRIENDS who tolerate my absurdities and appreciate my depth… for BIKES that can travel to town and back with ease and getting exercise… for my LOVER and SWEETHEART who is so playful and expressive and tolerant and loving… for BOOKS that create mental traveling and clarity of intention and knowledge… for CHANNELERS who have that capacity to get out of the way and allow certain wisdoms to cut through the ordinary consciousness and allow us to elevate… to CLOTHES that can keep me warm and protected.. to the OCEAN so nearby full of mystery and life and beaches… to be continued..

and FACEBOOK who has created this system of connectivity that is awesome…. for technology that hopefully will continue with creating more connectivity than separation… for local politicians and ACTIVISTS who have the guts and wherewithal to nudge the people in charge to be able to make changes during these times of transitioning from excavation technologies to more solar and wind and breakthrough energies… for the PEOPLE who have the audacity to learn and practice BREAKTHROUGH energies that will remove corporate greed from the global economic system… for SCIENTISTS who are aligned with new research especially with neurotransmitters that can alter our belief systems… a total appreciation for a modality called EFT that was used in Rwanda that assisted in reducing trauma between two warring factions who were considered brothers and sisters before.. grateful for the TEARS that swell up in my beingness that touches so many places of desire for a better world, for a lighter world, for a world that works for all… totally grateful for the new orgs that can simply screen a 2-3 minute clip that ELEVATES consciousness that is mind and spirit boggling… check out for more later on…
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