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It has always been my desire and perhaps the desire of most authors to put their most valued material together into a book form. At the ripe age of 56 [9 years ago] I wish to be able to do things I always dreamed of. I never really considered myself a writer eventhough I had fantasies of what it was meant to be. I read many authors. I read the flamboyant ones who thought that every thought and deed they performed needed to be jotted down and somehow published, in a newspaper, journal, diary, periodical or book. Perhaps even to be read allowed to let people know that you existed, that I was alive and had a mind and could think and reflect and shout and get pissed and feel things, feel the sorrows of the world, the pain and suffering as well as the wonders, the beauties the mysteries and the total exhilaration and sacredness of life. The musician hears tones and cadences and melodies and plays with them in their mind and enters into that sacred realm where art or creation is imbibed. Some think it is all their doing. Others will reveal the surrendering that often takes place fro a creative act to occur. Painters see with color, form, movement and work diligently to recreate what their minds have either conjured or what has conjured to them from another source. Whatever or wherever the magic appears to originate, the writer also senses, listens, reports, hears, reflects, plays with sentences over and over in his or her mind… and perhaps an active listening comes to fruition and allows words to manifest on paper or the keypad or the cell phone. Whatever means necessary to satisfy that calling, that urge to express oneself, to dive into the various realms of the mystery and come forth with clarity with the knowledge that that clarity can also seem to become dull, a fabrication, an outright lie, another veil to be set aside for another more revealing truth that hopefully will break through.

What needs to clearly breakthrough and thus the title for this book, or collection of essays is that we need to break away from this oppressive notion that in order to change the world we need to be weary and struggling and bear the world upon our shoulders. Sorry, you can let that go. This is not a time for more suffering, thank you. It hasn’t worked and will not work. What you bring to the table is what will get accomplished. If you bring to the table all your meetings and sufferings and travesties, you will only create more. We need to learn very fast that the only way to change things is to have more fun than they are. A number of people are saying this. It is now all around us. But old paradigms are hard to surrender. But the more we see it, the more we al ow ourselves to experience that the reason we are here is to enjoy life and that has been the most conspiratorial of all conspiracies is to think and believe that we are here for someone else’s purpose or for a god that doesn’t really like us. Even though this might sound petty and ridiculous, we need to see and look deeply into what is running the show, what is running our lives. I am not a salesperson to get you off on selling more hope. Mr. Revlon sold hope and admitted it. He knew women wanted to have hope to find a mate one day to accept them and he exploited that fantasy, that yearning that got skewed. Now people are waking up and saying no thanks. I’m about to accept myself and know that I can love myself and not wait for some knight in shining armor to come my way and swoop me up and love me unconditionally. It ain’t gonna work. But what does this have to do with changing the world? Plenty. We need to really think outside the box and see how all the things we are living under is living under a paradigm of Empire and that we need to start revamping, reworking, reinventing all these paradigms away with its history of violence and betrayal.

Bob Banner

Empire is inside all of us. If we think for one moment that we can change the world without changing ourselves, it will be for naught since you have the seeds in you that will plant the weeds of empire all over the place and for all time. That is why we need to work on ourselves as well as the social structures. BOTH, not one or the other but both and with a huge grin on our face that doesn’t see this as a duty or obligation or full of suffering but with an intense and cultivated joy. This is not a conversion but a life long process, a journey toward cultivating joy… not  selfish joy so that one can harbor away all ones petty joys and collect them and stash them away for what? Its a joy that can be communicated, infected, perpetrated, penetrated, all through the beings on this planet so we become entirely fresh into the wonder of life, with not just a grin but with a wild face, features full of childlike awe and mystery toward a new life, a new world since we must know that we cannot do this alone. If we do this with others can you imagine how high we can become, how each of us will encourage the other to go even higher with all our skills and talents and joys.. more and more joys until we explode in ecstasy not only envisaging a world but living IN its vision.

I bring forth my writing to you in the hopes that it touches something in you, to let you sing out and cry deeply and feel that yearning is part of everyone else’s yearning and to fulfill that dream or those dreams we need tell the truth, our truth which will touch other people to tell their truth, which is we all want to be awake and be genuinely happy.

Bob Banner

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