Dear Brother and Sisters,

My name is Jean Rony Toussaint, President of ASHOG, a registered Haitian charity which does not receive any funding or support from the Haitian government.. I’m a teacher and active church leader in *Anse-a-Galets, La Gonave Island, Haiti.* I have been working with the local communities for many years striving  to improve the lives of the impoverished, Orphaned, disabled people, Elderly and poor people.

I’m pleading to all friends who know of nonprofits, charities, groups, associations foundations, church that work with handicapped people, orphans, destitute children and elderly.
*Please connect* and support our activities.

Our *Association of Caring for the Handicapped people & Orphans of La Gonave Island, Haiti   ( ASHOG) * it’s a Christian registered charity to assist all vulnerable groups.

It’s established in La Gonave Island, Haiti under registration number 00040 with the mission of *promoting youth mentorship* through visits in hospitals and homes to support health, social life, spiritual empowerment

Please allow me to tell you a little about La Gonave Island

Haiti is the poorest country in the Western hemisphere.  La Gonave (or Ile de la Gonave) Island lies off the west coast of Haiti and La Gonave Island Haiti, a 45 minutes boat ride from the mainland. The island of La Gonave is60 km long and 15 km wide. The island is mostly barren and hilly with the highest point reaching 2,552 ft. The island has approximately 100,000 – 120,000 residents. Haiti has a very troubled history and the last few decades have resulted in the deforestation of La Gonave Island, loss of vegetation and severe soil erosion. Now the soil cannot hold the rain water and wells are few and far between. Hunger is common with most people have only one meal a day. There are schools on the island but most people cannot afford to send their children there, unemployment is extremely high. There is little industry on the island, some farming, some fishing but most people survive on very little. There is a hospital but again, people rarely have the money to pay for medical care.

The purpose of this email is to ask if you would consider supporting La Gonave. We are always looking for individuals or teams who would like to visit (short or long term), spend time with the people, encourage people, medical teams, building teams, teaching/school or orphanage visits, or anything at all. It is such an amazing place. The people are so grateful for any assistance they receive. And despite their extreme poverty, they are so generous and kind. It will be a life changing experience I can assure you, and a trip God will richly bless.

ASHOG Mission statement. 

1) To support the poor, especially the disabled, vulnerable children and the elderly of La Gonave; those struggling for survival. And social justice, and the respect for all human rights.

2) To present our Lord Jesus Christ in faith and actions by improving the living conditions of the underprivileged and disadvantaged.

Core Values:

• Love

• Integrity

• Synergy

• Involvement

• Leadership

• Equity

Goal:  Together we can do more.

ASHOG is a registered Haitian charity, working on La Gonave. We liaise closely with the Office of the State Secretary for the Integration of Handicapped people in Haiti and with local authorities.

The Association consists of:

• A General Assembly.

• A Steering Committee composed of 9 members.

• A technical department consisting of 4 active members and five instructors.

• An education committee of four members.

• A Committee on Agriculture of 2 members.

• A health committee of 3 members.

• Finance Committee

The Steering Committee is thus constituted:

1- A President

2. Vice President

3. Secretary General

4.  Administrators

5. Logistics Manager

6.  A supervisor Club

7.  A Delegate

8.  A Publicist

9.  A Legal Advisor

Since ASHOG commenced in 1996, our programs have been particularly geared towards people with disabilities, the vulnerable elderly, non-schooled youth and the young.

ASHOG and LGCCA (a small Canadian NPO) have been working together on several projects. 

ASHOG Children’s Home – supported by LGCCA.

The home is currently in a private residence in Anse-a-Galets but we hope to soon rent larger premises for the children. We currently care for 6 children but there are many more, who desperately need a safe and loving home. We provide everything including food, water, education, clothing, childcare and medical care costs. Earlier this year we built a chicken coop which is providing the children with much-needed eggs as well as joy in caring for them. ASHOG also provides occasional financial support for other children still living with their families but are struggling to provide food or education for their children.

We could do so much more with more funding! The children’s home has no electricity so we hope to raise funds to purchase a solar generator power supply for the home.

ASHOG also provides vital support to a number of families with disabled children. Support includes arranging medical treatment, accompanying families to hospital visits, translating between parents and medical staff, ongoing emotional support, as well as financial and resource support. There is no other organization on the island which specifically provides for these families.

House of Hope (Poor House) – as you will have seen on our websites, the Poor House is basically a slum building where the destitute go.  The only food given is donated by good Samaritans and prepared by volunteers. There is no medical care, electricity, sanitation or caretaker. The building is dilapidated, the roof leaks very badly, it is overcrowded and very unhealthy. We are working with other local aid organizations in a constant effort to improve the life for these poor residents.

Our future plans include the development of a new purpose-built facility for the poor and elderly. We have the land on which to build and an architect from Architects without Borders has made a preliminary plan. His team will visit the island soon to assess the road access, material availability etc. as yet; we do not have funding for this project. Water well will also need to drill there as well. 

Agriculture/Permaculture – Sustainable projects, managed by local people are the hope for the future.  We have land for a community garden but are seeking assistance with initial funding. ASHOG is working alongside other organizations such asGonave Espoir de Demaim (GED), to benefit all communities. 

ASHOG and GED have an agriculture project on a field of 22000 m2. Water teams and other teams work the land.

Ideally our future goal is to acquire the following items:
1) Tractors to work the land. 
2) Container for storing water on the field – urgent!
3) Seeds because sometimes we must travel to Port-au-Prince to buy them (onion, leek…).
4) Financial support for paying the workers
5) Financial support to rent the field each year
6) A specific place to conserve the products (freezeroom) when it is difficult to sell products from the field.
7) A vehicle to transport members to the field and transport to market.

Our produce is already being distributed to some schools for the children.

A project will soon commence as the ‘School of Permaculture’ will visit and assist with training and work on the island to promote Permaculture. However, we are still in need of the above items for the farmers.

Morne Augustin School of ASHOG – this school (unfunded by the Haitian government) in the mountains struggles constantly to pay its teachers. School supplies are urgently needed please! Up to 70 children attend this school but we have little funding for them and many are not getting the education they deserve. More teachers are needed and the classrooms are very basic. Donations of school desks and chairs, blackboards and school books are always being sought. 

ASHOG events/issues – once or twice a year ASHOG organizes an open air concert and crusade in Anse-a-Galets to raise money for the Poor House. However, renting the musical instruments and sound equipment, costs a lot of the money. We are asking for donations of these items which would make it possible to hold more concerts and events. Ailsa Young of LGCCA was fortunate to attend the concert last fall and it was wonderful! 

ASHOG receive no funding from the Haitian government, myself (Jean Rony) and the others use our own money to promote and hold events. This is unfortunately never enough, as wages are very low in Haiti.

To work effectively, ASHOG needs internet access which costs approximately $100 USD per month in Haiti.  Most places on La Gonave do not have electricity and water is an ongoing desperate need. Households often walk for hours to their nearest water well on a daily basis.

We are always trying to get ideas on how to generate an income for ASHOG – ideas which include a guest house, chickens, goats, produce but as always, requires funding to get started. We have 2 pieces of donated land to build a School, church, orphanage, guest house, farm goat, community garden but we are looking for volunteers to help.

Thank you for your time to read my lengthy email. I would love to share more with you and I look forward to hearing from you and appreciate any feedback, ideas and support for our Haitian island, La Gonave and her people

ASHOG has a Facebook page (search forASHOG or Jean Rony Toussaint) our website: .

Also, visit La Gonave Community and Child on FaceBook or visit LGCCAs web site at

God Bless,

Jean Rony Toussaint
Directeur/ president of ASHOG
*[email protected]