Quixote’s Love Story:
Saving Mother Earth

by Frank L. Kahl
(2016, 177pps; $15.99)

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Having had immersed himself as a political economics professor for 35 years, Frank Kahl decided to venture way out of his comfort zone to write an unusual novel that was spurred by the death of his beloved canine friend Quixote. Quixote’s death was not your normal everyday dog death. Their relationship was perhaps more outrageous than what we gather from ordinary dog-people relationships. Frank, not necessarily skilled in writing numerous sci-fi novels or imaginative movie scripts, went into this adventure feet and head first and much of his heart and connection to Quixote can be felt on every page.

The communication is visceral and spacious in that it allows Quixote’s voice and stories thereof to come alive that also include journeys into the Akashic Records as well as other realms to understand and appreciate the larger universe or universes that are around us and below us and within us. We meet masters in the post death canine world.. and we are moved to realize that perhaps the deeper connected you are to your canine perhaps the closer you will be in having secrets revealed from the after life.. and perhaps thats true to human life as well.

In this after life the similar connection that was on the earthly existence was soon to be felt in excursions into these levels of existence. Quixote was just not a dog buddy but he became a source of intimate knowledge where either direct communication ensued or a combination of highly imaginative sci-fi experimentation or a combination of both. Perhaps it doesn’t really matter. But we the readers and viewers of these stories witness and feel the love affair beyond the third dimensional maneuvering, we see the concern, the quest, the thirst for a knowledge that can only whet our appetites. Rather than teaching now, our retired author/character becomes a student of the many subtle arcane subjects including the Extinct ones. My favorite chapter, besides being my favorite topic (Extinction), delves into the whys, the results, the animation of possibilities all the while feeling the pain of those who passed on, or as some would say, those who were “murdered” since in this era it becomes quite clear as to who is responsible for the extinction or murder of ten thousand species a year!

One section of the novel hit me the hardest, it was the least obvious or predictable. Out of the blue the narrator writes that there is a tribe in South America who are learning to make the sounds of the bird species who have become extinct so that when they return the tribe will know who they are and will welcome their return. It hit me! like a zen priests stick! But then again the novel is not a heavy read. On the contrary, it is filled with memories of the canine human friendship, travels to other realms looking for answers, using love as a thread to deeper connections and deeper revelations.

The chapter on Extinction for me is the most potent since it ought to be on everyone’s mind especially now that Trump and his team are avid climate change deniers and will only expedite the inevitable. When we ought to be revving up to transitioning to a world and economics away from fossil fuel and to discover an entirely new and different economic machine. We need to break through our cultural addictions and move ahead… and perhaps need to gather answers from unknown sources like parallel universes and other outrageous teachings of Oneness that are explored in the novel.

A novel like this one that continually challenges us on our assumed human supremacy and appreciates the other worlds, not just non-human but different dimensions is a wonderful gift to give us a wider lens to look and see and understand our world through the eyes and minds and imaginations of others, since we need all the help that we can gather, from the past, present and the future and really surrender to other dimensions… from inter-generational ancestors to non-human beings.

Let it be so. A new type of novel has been birthed here… Not just imaginative or space fiction but a combination of facts, feelings, and real life connections into the post canine world and listening to the the ideas of people like Ervin Laslo, father of the Akashic Records. It also requires us to suspend what we imagine it is to be a human, especially with the love that connected him to his canine friends world, both in this world and the other world. Maybe there lies some deeper understanding, that we can only go so far out there the deeper we go into our relationships.

On a personal note, there is a dog of my lady friends who I’m not particularly fond of. While reading Franks novel, I started to stare at him, a little white chihuahua named Woodstock. And because of former Professor Kahl’s book I made a commitment, an assignment that I would really focus my energy and attention on simply loving him, as if it were a meditation. It wasn’t easy… Cats are a different species all together… I immediately love cats. My heart opens immediately to cats and they feel it and I feel it and its wonderful… so this took an assignment and I have to say Ive been seeing a quizzical look over his cute little face (as if to say “who are you?!”), not comprehending… but hes also not barking so something is going on. If Frank’s book can do that for me in this itsy bitsy way, just imagine if hundreds of thousands of readers would shift… maybe we wouldn’t eat meat any longer, maybe we would stop going to circuses since we will becoming more connected and viscerally feeling the pain of the abuse of the animals and on and on and on…

It’s a short read of about 130 pages and of course you will get what you put into it and if you are already a lover of the canine species it will only drive you to be even more loving as well as expansive…

– Bob Banner
Publisher & Editor of HopeDance
Bob Banner is the current publisher/promoter of HopeDance.org, at one time a magazine in print, remember those days… and editor of numerous facebook pages, from extinction to positive news to films and more… He can be reached at [email protected]… or through http://www.hopedance.org

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