the local food revolution by michael brownlee

The Local Food
Declaration of Independence

We, the undersigned, declare our independence from the global industrial food system.

We join a growing community of local eaters and local food producers who are building regional foodsheds.

Together, we are reclaiming our food sovereignty by shifting our food supply from the global to the local.

We hold local food and our foodsheds as sacred.

We pledge to eat (and drink) as local as possible.

We pledge to actively support our local farmers and ranchers who produce food for our community.

We pledge to actively support local food enterprises that source from local farmers and ranchers.

We pledge to seek the appropriate role of animals in our agriculture and in our diets.

We pledge to grow some of our own food, more every year.

We pledge to rebuild soil, more every year.

We pledge to grow our community, more every year.

To this local food revolution we commit our lives, our health, our well-being, our financial and social resources, and our sacred honor.

We will honor and nurture the sacredness of food and the sharing of food.

We will honor and nurture our lands, our waters, and the living soils from which our food arises.

We will honor and nurture the living ecosystem of plants, animals, and microorganisms that nourishes us.

We will honor and celebrate the natural cycles and seasons of life.

We will cherish, cultivate, and protect the conditions that make life possible and allow it to evolve.

We will love our living foodsheds into sustainability and resilience.

And we will do whatever we can to support our brothers and sisters everywhere who are reclaiming their food sovereignty and building their own regional foodsheds.

Together, we are the local food revolution.

“The Local Food Declaration of Independence” excerpted from The Local Food Revolution by Michael Brownlee © 2016, North Atlantic Books.
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From The Local Food Revolution by Michael Brownlee, published by North Atlantic Books, copyright © 2016 by Michael Brownlee. Reprinted by permission of publisher.