The Adventures of a Chinese Korean Orphan


by Mary Ming
(an excerpt)

For many nights, I am not certain how many nights, this attack to my heart occurred.  They were entities with violent, painful energies.  It went on a long time it seemed.

One night, while lying in my bed in the back apartment, I felt like I couldn’t endure the pain any more.  I was exhausted and had closed my eyes in hopes of falling asleep.  I was open to anything to escape the pain and discomfort.  (Except drugs.)

It was just after I had closed my eyes, when I felt myself fly upward with my Master’s presence.  Our consciousness rose up and up.  The next vision or experience I had was of myself looking out over a vast expanse of Universes of Light for as far as I could see.  It was like Limitless Oceans of Universes of Light, and I felt a presence of LOVE which permeated the entire expanse.  This presence of Love was also of my Master and it was also the Universes of Light.  I did not see a form of an old man with a white flowing beard like ‘God’ is portrayed by some religions and even some artists.  There was no form, only Presence of Love.

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After that experience, the pain in my heart disappeared.  The expansion in my awareness or consciousness to the Universes made the entities and their presence which seemed so big, now felt miniscule. 

But now, I could not get out of bed it seemed.  My consciousness was not all contained in the physical, but was spread out into the Cosmos and I was only aware of different vibration levels.  Only once a day when I would feel hunger would I leave my bed and eat.  

I was unaware of time passing by.  I was conscious of the endless expanse of Universes, and it felt as if my consciousness was spread out through the Universes.  I was one with the Universes, all the galaxies, solar systems, planets, suns, moons.

I had telepathic communication with the Soul of Pleiades, and the Alpha Centauri solar system, Pluto.  They were a very sweet presence.  I saw a large ET form which hovered over Earth.  It was a very happy face, almost laughing.

There was no time, only a sensation of Eternal Being-ness.  It was all inside me, within.  I experienced the macrocosm of all that exists within the microcosm of my body.  Days, and several weeks would pass by, and it felt like only a minute had passed.  Time had slowed to almost a standstill.  Or I had stepped out or in beyond time.

The image that starts this section is my attempt to describe in picture the vastness of what I experienced and all I can say is that this painting is nothing like the eternal expanse of Universes of Light that I actually experienced.  I will make further attempts to paint a closer reality of what I saw in the future.  I doubt that I will ever be able to create a close enough likeness to what I saw.

 After many, many months, perhaps a year or more, I felt my consciousness had shrunk, and slowly slowly, I felt as if I was one with the consciousness of Earth.  I realized that Earth has a consciousness.  Earth is a Conscious Being as are all stars, suns, planets and moons Conscious Beings.

 Then I felt I was the consciousness of the highest mountains such as the Himalayas.  I felt as if I had direct communication with Nature force, the Earth, the crystals, and gems within the planet.  I had the experience of being Wind, flying through the trees.  I was the rain and all manner of weather.  I felt the presence, and energy of all the colors.

After that, I experienced the Souls of the first Chinese humans on Earth.  They were very pure and identical with swan Souls.  I saw the ethereal form of swans descending into the heads of the first Chinese humans.

 ç 1995 I Fly into the Universes of Light with my Master’s Presence
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