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Standing With The Largest Assembling Of Native Tribes

Standing Rock at Bioneers

Help Chase Iron Eyes win in North Dakota (PCCC)
<<I also support Chase Iron Eyes, an ally on climate and the Dakota Access Pipeline, who is running for Congress in North Dakota against a climate denier who is writing Donald Trump’s energy policy. Learn about him here, and donate to him here.
      With just days left, let’s do this.
      Mark Ruffalo>>



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<<The internet and social media are critical to getting the message out for social causes but the people at Standing Rock have very limited communications at the camps.  The indigenous media, lawyers and medics have to drive 10 miles from camp in order to upload video, photos, to look up medical information, the lawyers need to file cases to get people out of jail.  All this is done at the lobby at the local casino.  It’s like sending a message in encrypted in an R2 Droid saying “Help us Obi-wan” and hoping that it reaches the right ears in another galaxy.   We have completed Phase 1 but we are returning next week to finish the work and need your help.>>



More info from Roberto Monge:
<<Relatives, I need your help.  I just returned from North Dakota and went in the dead of night with my daughter on a mission to help the people at Standing Rock to share their story.  The internet and social media are critical to the social causes but the people at Standing Rock have very limited communications means.  The lawyers, journalist and medics at Standing Rock have to drive 10 miles from camp in order to upload video, photos, to look up medical information, the lawyers need to file cases to get people out of jail.  It was so frustrating to get the word out especially because the media was being manipulated to tell a different story.  Every afternoon everyone drives to the lobby at the local casino to put out the people’s story out there.  The Redcloud Defense Center, 8 Shields Nature School Alliance, Geeks without Bounds, Indigenous Environmental Network and Digital Smoke Signals are teaming up use technology for good.  We will improve wifi communications, setup media aggregation stations, provide portable solar/wind systems, and create a local radio station. I went to North Dakota with enough networking equipment to get a wifi bridge setup from the Casino to the Camps.  I put $6k on my credit card (ask Val) because the need was so critical and time was so short.  

Please help if you can, things are heating up:


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Oct 27

Mitakuye Oyasin, 

As I think about the rain about to come I shed some tears for my friends at Standing Rock.   I’m sitting here watching in disbelief as Morton County begins to move in on the Front Lines with empty buses to make mass arrests today. It’s hard to watch my friends prepare but their bravery is beyond inspiring to watch.

Most live feeds aren’t working except for Lolly Bee’s (but it just ended)
I’m at a loss of action but know something must be done.  I’m praying and crying that everyone will be safe.  

I’m wondering what you’ll think of an evening event soon (maybe today or tomorrow if things go really bad at the camp) to talk about Standing Rock and then organize some kind of action in front of city hall to get some press and awareness.  Eventually maybe a march.  I’d also like for our City to make a declaration that we stand with standing rock and that we’ll Indigenous People’s day 

I just posted the update I gave at Ecologistics in case you want to share with someone on the fence

I’m emailing you all because I’m not sure how to best organize and what groups might be allies.  Can you all help me with that?  I started a google doc to start organizing ideas and contacts

Moke & Doug is there anything we can do to help support any Chumash efforts?  Want to work together on this?

Red Cloud Defense Center
Tech Warrior Camp>>

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also Roberto’s fb page has all the updates as well:

Online narrative:

Let’s Help 1,000 Lakota Youth Reach The DAPL Protest Site!

Burning Man assists Standing Rock:

another post from Roberto: (Nov 2)
<<The presidents message that he was going to “Let it Play out.” borders on criminal.  He also suggested they are looking for another route (which wouldn’t solve the problem) and it doesn’t address the war crimes being committed by the authorities.  Now that DAPL has moved the protectors from the path it has worked all the way to the river and the landing pad is being build to go under the river.  The drone ban was finally lifted and here is some footage of the work they’ve done behind military lines:

For anyone interested in going to Standing Rock we’ve created a group for coordinating and supporting the caravans.

I would love to see a Tipi in front of the Army Corps office in LA.  

Thank you all,