Saw a short doc last night called Intelligent Trees, 45 minutes all about the new evidence and new crackling paradigm of what is truly a harmonious and healthy forest and what are these monoculture croppings of single species trees that are being put into place after they remove slices of genuine forests and what is exactly going on microscopically, biologically underneathe the forest, the mycelia patternings, etc. This is what I wrote to a friend:

<<… those two major people being interviewed [in the film] had such a sensibility to this new world as it were, was stupendous.. this is what is so badly needed, that openness to new possibilities, new data, new conclusions.. its almost as if we can’t see how we need community so much but if we see the need in other species as well as trees and gardens and plants and what else we cant even fathom.. it begins to crack our illusions of separation.. something affects us… and it appears that if theres any truth to why each one of us comes here at a specific time along with our gifts.. this transitional mode is key. And we keep on chipping away… with humans, friends, dogs, cats, trees, native peoples, so-called enemies… and then it begs the question of the resistance to change.. why dont I want to change, how can I change, where is it that I change and where dont I want to go… and to possibly make peace with the discomfort that is the preclude to any transformation and to be kind to myself… ahhh the acts of loving kindness in the midst of what feels like being battered by both outside and inside.>>


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– Bob Banner
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