A tough quiz for Most Americans??

What country:

1.  Comprises 7% of the world’s total land mass?

2.  Rescued a group of Americans during the Iran Hostage Crisis and helped get them home safely?  The movie Argo was about that).

3.  Populates a desert region of the U.S. with nearly 500,000 “personnel” during winter/spring?

4.  Burned the White House to the ground two hundred years ago?

5. Has the greatest wealth per capita in the Western Hemisphere?

6. Gave birth to America’s most popular singer (hint: her kin are French)

7. Wanted to lend the U.S. a “cup of sugar” (in the form of oil) and we refused to accept it?

8. Is one of the top three countries globally in receptivity toward immigrants/refugees?

9. Invented basketball and had both female and male finalists at Wimbledon in recent years?

10. Was at the other end of Alexander Graham Bell’s first phone call?

11. Is near the U.S. and 4 out of 10 Americans want to build a wall to separate us? (Bloomberg poll).

12.  Has a new leader who likes to participate in PRIDE parades?

Note:  It’s not England, Mexico, Australia, France, Germany or Russia…

Answer: C-a-n-a-d-a


Maybe even if you got a couple right you could still benefit from knowing more about the country that, with more receptivity to US, could greatly improve our prospects nationally and on the world stage.  It’s the story that needed to be told for 40 years, and now an American has done it.  Go to Amazon Books, key in William L. Seavey’s Author Page for a free preview, and buy the whole book online for only $2.99.

Here are some reviews:

“Based on your website, I think you are onto something.  The running joke when I was in college was that the U.S. treats Canada like the 51st state.  But that status has changed–more rapidly since 9/11, particularly given Canada’s rather conservative (comparatively) banking policies.  (They didn’t suffer the meltdown we did.)  Honestly, we would be stupid NOT to look north to create a greater enterprise zone.   Despite the handful of armed disagreements back in the day, Canada has been a steady and steadfast parttner to us and we can learn and benefit from each other.”
–Jay Skiles, JD, MPA, U.S. government management consultant

“Bravo to Bill Seavey.  He brings into sharp focus the many cultural similarities between Canadians and Americans, while at the same time flagging the myriad differences.  The two nations may speak the same language and share many of the same attitudes and customs, but Canadians are a very different breed.  Seavey’s historical perspective and research illuminate the at-times “love-hate” relationship Canadians have with their kissin’ cousins to the south.”
— Nancy Marley-Clarke, former speechwriter for Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau and Macleans editor