“Great results… like being outside w/o window glass. Bob is also very interesting to talk with.”

bud e.
“Compared to others who have “washed” our windows over the years, Bob’s work is so exceptionally different that the same terms don’t apply. Bob doesn’t “wash” windows; he cleanses them.

He uses a multi-step process and is so committed to fine details that the result is truly stunning.

We’re always impressed with how much brighter it is inside our house once the windows are washed; we see a notable increase in brightness after Bob has cleansed them.

We can’t imagine anyone doing a better job.”

Bob N.
We had Bob wash the windows of a home just before the realtor walk through in 2014. Our windows never looked so clean and we had a committed buyer in less than a week.

Betsy G.
“Bob Banner did a fantastic job on my windows recently. I have known him for years as the Hope Dance guru and recommend him for all his good qualities. five stars!”

Dr. Peter Huber
“Bob did such an excellent job that I thought some of my windows were open. He handled all the difficult ones as well that were way up there and where he took off all the screens and washed them. I will definately use him again. Reliable and trustworthy.

Delia H.
“Over the years Bob has always done a GREAT job cleaning our windows, and he is SO interesting to talk with. Highly recommend him. Try catching some of his Hope Dance online articles as well.”

Linda C.
“Bob did a fantastic job on my windows and made sure that all the screens were also taken down, washed and replaced. I’ve used The Window Washers numerous times as have my neighbors and the results have always been great!”

Frank K.
“Bob Banner cleaned about 30 windows on my San Luis Obispo home. He did interior and exterior sides and was very fair in his pricing. He was experienced and knew his craft well, and I highly recommend him for your large or smaller job.”

Josephine Laing
“Bob Banner has cleaned our windows several times. He is fast and thorough. In short, he does a wonderful job. Plus he is a really fun person to have around the house.”

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