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SLO Permaculture Guild (Tree) & HopeDance (Bob Banner) has teamed up to let you know what cool docs are being screened.

Check them out:

A. Foodie Films:

1.       Urban Harvest (info)

2.       Gaining Ground (info)

3.       In Defense of Food (info)

B. Social Permaculture Films:

1.       East LA Interchange (This is where Tree grew up and loves what
        Fr. Boyle has done.) (trailer as well link)

2.       Out of the Village (link)

3.       Road to Hope (link)

C. Edge FiLMs:

1. In the Parlor: The Final Goodbye (link)

2. Imminent Threat (trailer/link)

3. Searching for Home (Coming Back from War) (trailer / link)

4. Unconditional Love (link)

5. Zulu Maniacs (link)

D. Short Dramas:

1. Mustange (trailer)

more are coming…. to be found here: