Awakenings Through Radical Honesty:
Facilitating Group “Usness” with Bob Banner


A 2 hour gathering of people who wish to share their awakenings, blocks, resistances and practices along the way to “waking up.”

The time to change the modality of awakening from one teacher to a student is over. A sangha means a community of people waking up together. Thus “usness” is an expression of a sangha and its a way to appreciate the thrust of awakening in all humans, all species and figuring out  ways that work… to expedite these awakenings and to ground them into Reality.

We can only do so much by ourselves and yet with a group of “finders” (rather than seekers) can use the group to enhance, liberate and open up to possibilities and experiences that working by oneself cannot do. Granted its not a dictum but another way to cultivate Oneness  rather than cultivating more Separation.

I will be using an assortment of technologies to snap out of consensus reality, to induce some legal dopamine and serotonin through guffaws; and soul cards to test our ability to seek resonance; to test how honest we really are (privately, or if we are brave enough, with others), and to taste the sensations of our edges.. and balance that energy with our sensations and observe how we are tempted to go into our heads and hang out in thought rather than stay in the uncomfortableness (and being comfortable with uncertainty as Pema Chodron writes).. and other modalities…

as a group….

This will hopefully be ongoing groups.
Sliding scale $15 to $35 per workshop. To reserve your space, max 12 people, please register / pay here:
or at the door…

Bob Banner has been involved in waking up for decades in participating in “spiritual” community living, practicing such modalities as holotropic breathwork, sacred plants, gestalt, catharsis, vipassana meditation, voluntary simplicity, Buddhism, Sufism, the 4th Way, Ping Pong, group dynamics, deep conversation gatherings, MKP (ManKindProject), various mens groups… and now wishes to experiment with small groups to facilitate a new “usness” that can emerge when a group of dynamic individuals explore and practice the magic of working in groups. Who knows what can evolve!?: strong ties, business collaborations, projects, new interests, a new strength of Purpose, a new inner knowing…

One thing he has learned and wish to share is this depth of compassion (and oneness or usness) that can occur when flashes of visceral insight emerges that we are all in this together and together can expedite our awakenings and insights into what is truly going on now and what may be next. And to become more fully aware of our world and see how we can use this beautiful and outrageous life on this planet to wake up… and keep waking up to go deeper and deeper and be of service more and more as well as our happiness goes deeper since they are all connected.

For further details about Bob Banner, email [email protected] or call 805 235 1733. Over 1,240 hits at this site so far…


Times and dates for 4 venues in Feb are here. Leave a msg at [email protected] with the word “playshop” in the subject… if you wish to be on the growing list, or call 805 235 1733 or skype hopedance…

To see some testimonials (about Bob Banner), please click HERE:

Some dates and times and venues:
Please bring a pen/pencil and notebook… wear comfortable clothes, bring your curiosity, wonderment, resiliency. And please register so we dont go over 12 people:
<<Sliding scale $15 to $35 per workshop. To reserve your space, max 12 people, please register / pay here:
or at the door…>>

1. Feb 10, Wed, 6:30-8:30pm at the CovenTree Olde World Market
722 East Main St., Santa Maria
Facebook Invite Page:

2. Feb 16, Tuesday 6:30-8:30pm, SLO Grange Hall
2880 Broad St. SLO
Facebook Invite Page

3. Feb 21, Sunday, 3-5pm at Hunnyfly Yoga
PLEASE BRING A CHAIR! and notebook and pen
103 Walnut Ave in Lompoc
Facebook Invite Page
4. Feb 28, Sunday 2-4pm at Center of the Heart, 
487 N Turnpike RdSanta Barbara
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