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Bob Banner

“I’ve read HopeDance for about 25 or 30 years. I’m most impressed by Bob’s commitment to connecting with as many people he can reach and all the energy he has that keeps him on track towards his mission in life of making the world better by starting out small in our local areas. We are blessed by his being in our lives and don’t appreciate him enough.”
    – Gar Salzgeber (Morro Bay)

You’ve planted “seeds from the future”
Bob, I had to take this opportunity to thank you again for HopeDance magazine and videos’ mission: “radical solutions inspiring hope.” Your tireless years have done more to bring awareness to the citizens of the central coast than any other media or individual, helping make “sustainability,” and other movements, for instance, part of our everyday vocabulary, before other segments of the populace knew what they meant. 

Your message about the future is exquisite. I wish I could have written it.

     – Rosemary Wilvert (SLO, CA) (Jan 30, 2017)

Hi Bob – you know that you have done more to create community and connections than just about anyone I know. You are probably internalizing all the chaos and disturbances that are occurring at this time – very easy to do that. … cannot tell you how many times I’ve thought, ‘..Gosh, I really want to connect with Bob.’ You have been a great influence on me and so many others. Be still and know that you are good and whole to the core, and deeply loved and appreciated.”

    – Cindy Dixon (Paso Robles)
(who was instrumental with others in organizing the Transition Town movement in SLO county)… Feb 8, 2017

“I just want to personally thank you for the efforts you make to present progressive and alternative ideas to this and many communities. The movie and discussion last night [“Kindness is Contagious” with Catherine Ryan Hyde speaking after the film] were a fantastic way to start this new year. I admire and appreciate your proactive work in my community.

    Sincerely, Cindy Marble
    (Participated in the All Day Death Immersion plus a movie at
    The SLO Grange last year.)

“I love HopeDance films. When I saw “Girl Rising” I felt bad for some girls because they didn’t get an education and for some other girls because they had to get married early.”  – Rosie (age 8)

“HopeDance Film Screenings bring the best in artful use of media for social transformation. Paying 30 dollars for one show at the 2014 Santa Barbara Film Festival reminded me thats Bob’s (Banner/HopeDance) films are for the people, inciting true culture.“

    – Janet, Rosie’s mom (Santa Barbara)

“Bob Banner is a creative force to be reckoned with when it comes to bringing consciousness raising and community building films and experiences to a number of communities on the Central Coast. He is a true leader bringing collective energies together to make things happen as he does in asking local businesses to get together to help co-sponsor events. Not only is he showing films that are opening peoples awareness to a wide variety of important issues but he’s facilitating the conversations afterwards that are building deeper connections in our community. That’s how change happens. SLO, Santa Barbara, Ojai and Sebastopol are lucky to have such a compassionate and dedicated advocate for raising the vibration. Thank you Bob for ALL you do! “

    – Mary Sage Syverson from Sukha Wellness (SLO/Arroyo Grande)

“Bob does such a great service to our community that it cannot be measured in numbers alone. He may never know the impact, but it is huge.”
    – Tree (Teresa Lees) (Cambria/SLO)

I am still studying ways we can make “Start Healing Now” a cooperative now since I saw that wonderful film [SHIFTCHANGE] on creating businesses as cooperatives. [a film that Bob put together at the SLO Guild]…

    – Alexandra from Start Healing Now (SLO)

“Dear Bob,

Please know how important it was for me to attend the film [FALL AND WINTER] showing at the Grange last November in Sebastopol. Not only was the film itself very informative but I was extremely impressed with the knowledge and contra-apathy of those present.  I remember that night being especially cold, heading toward freezing, but on leaving I felt that the experience had the capacity to help keep me “kickin’” during the play-out of planetary transform. Anyway, I am very impressed by your own ongoing commitment and your continuing to walk the walk up to Sonoma County, which will hopefully become more known for watershed restoration than champagne vineyards.”

    – ed rimbaugh (Sebastopol)

Hi Bob:

Your liken to the Master Machanic on the flight deck of an Aircraft Carrier, without you the planes (spirits) would not fly.  You’ve launched many thousands of planes to soar in the sky….only now the flight deck is quiet, clear of the noise and what you’ve done is launched on there way…  

So my great friend savor this time don’t be concerned you done so much to awaken the people of the Central Coast of California, you’ll never know how many people you’ve launched (just like the planes) into a new awakening.  You are a very rare bird…. you got so many talents that I can hear God saying to herself….“what do I do with Bob, he does everything???”  

Have a great day…
Bruce Erickson (Santa Barbara)
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From Bob Banner:
At the beginning of each year it seems likely that each of us goes through some sort of inventory of our lives to see whats working, whats not, listening to unseen ones more than our rational thinking… So in that case I wish to simply jot down whats going on to either remind you to do the same kind of investigation (or not).

So here goes:
1. I feel excitment, outrage and possibility when I see a documentary trailer or a film or read an article or a book or a poem. And it usually moves into the SHARING mode… Its challenging to simply sit on revelatory projects. Often times I can spend some hours going through reports, articles, trailers and spreading them throughout my contacts and facebook pages and emails. Some will call me a syncophant since I dont have a specific trade eventhough “publishing” comes closest since Im acting as a promoter agent to inpsire others as I have been inspired… in the hopes that they do what they are good at doing…

2. So I screen films in the hopes that it inspires others. I either negotiate with the film distributor for the rights to screen, screen the film, promote it to my lists that I haphazardly have created and post on facebook pages, the hopedance calendar and share whenever I can to certain individuals who might need to see it, that I intuit. Sometimes I gather people to sponsor the film or to speak afterwards or simply will go it alone and facilitate conversations after the film.

3. Im continually looking out for those articles or films that speak the truth to power, that are investigative in nature and either presents the challenge or comes up with solutions that are so obvious…

4. I seem to have a proclivity toward desiring to wake up in many areas: health, who is manipulating our base needs/desires, who is questioning consensus reality and what are some options other than being a slave and what does it take to really be free.. and to discriminate between what’s useless and what feels and intuits valuable material as well as social actions.

5. I promote cool green businesses in the hopes that I can earn some extra monies so I can continue what I love to do. Two companies that I support are Thrive Market and SolarCity. Id love to champion more companies who either have affiliate programs etc…. (please let us know what is out there as well!)

6. I find myself promoting other peoples events that I feel are aligned with my own purposes… maybe for a free ticket or some collaborative spirit feeling.

7. I wash windows when its necessary to earn some extra money and to trade it for such things as my tax accountant or food. (see ad and reviews: HERE)

8. I meet with 2 exceptional men where we play a riotous funny and energetic ping pong with no scoring as well as chatting deeply about whats going on with our lives…. and what Im absorbing in this endeavor is feeling compassion for all of us since what is being revealed is our huge desire to make a difference and to really be what we are destined to be as well as our incredible resistances and to assist each other in our evolution…

9. I study the new message via Marshall vian Summers

10. I listen intently and with passion about what I feel compelled to do next, as in with the all day immersions into death and did one on water… as well as facilitating awakening play/workshops in various cities…

11. Im excited about getting out there again with a play/workshop 2 hour gig where a small group of us can engage deeply with the desire to wake up and be either more productive, more human and a new compelling desire to wake up and be and act in ways that are essential since our home, the planet, needs everyone to stand up and do and be what is compelling us to be to save our species. The planet will do what it does… but at an alarming rate of species extinction happening right now, we need to explore deeply: are we next in line and if we dont want that then what do we need to be doing in both our inner and outer lives! (2016)

will be adding when necessary…. thanks for reading so far…
– Bob Banner ([email protected]) • 805 235-1733)

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