An amazing story from young Josh:

“My name is Joshua Weissman and I’m 19 years old, I lost more than 100 pounds at the age of 16. I am completely in love with the premise of your movie. I just wanted to share my battle with sugar, and how defeating the sugar “demons” helped my life explode with positivity in all directions.

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All through my entire schooling career from Elementary to my sophomore year in highschool, I was constantly ridiculed and physically harassed for my weight. I was literally afraid to walk through the doors of the school because I knew that some form of emotional torture awaited me. I ate lunch in my moms car up until high school, constantly fell into deep depressive cycles, and felt broken as a person.

Then, one day I found myself short of breath after going up a couple steps of the staircase in my home. It was at that point I realized my health was being affected as well. Once all of these different signals began hitting me, I decided to change it all and my parents fully supported me all the way through it. At the ripe age of 16 years old I successfully lost more than 100 pounds with the use of real food and eliminating excess sugar (including the ones included in “healthy” foods). Following that I created my food blog (which I write, photograph, and run the social media for) in hopes of helping other people with inspiration and delicious real food recipes. Only a few months after the creation of my blog I was contacted by a publishing house that was asking if I wanted to write a book, which I promptly and happily said yes to. Thus my very first cookbook was published (I wrote and photographed the entire thing myself) at the age of 17 while I was still in Highschool.

Now at the age of 19 I still hold onto my burning passion for REAL FOOD and want to help change the way the world looks at food.”

Inspiring stuff Josh, I am sure many other teenagers would benefit from your experience and wisdom. The website is for those wanting to know more.