by Starhawk

Dear all,

This morning I received a call from a casting director for a documentary series to be produced by BBC worldwide. They are bringing together people who want to live “off grid” to create a new mini-society on some land that will be purchased for this purpose–possibly in the southern hemisphere. They are looking at a year-long experiment starting perhaps in Fall 2016, after which the participants could have the option of continuing on the same land. Compensation to the participants is involved (I don’t know how much). I asked her a number of questions and she made it clear that this is not a “reality TV” show–rather a documentary series. There will be no script, no situations set up, no plan–the cameras will be there simply to document what happens. And unlike in the cancelled show “Utopia,” there will be no “elimination” game going on–people will “win” or succeed not by surviving at others’ expenses but by creating a viable cooperative society together.

I commented–and she agreed–that the most challenging aspect for the participants is likely to be not how to stay warm or feed themselves, but how to get along. This is where experienced communitarians could play a vital role in this project. I told her I had a number of contacts who might be able to spread word of this project–for which they are recruiting actively now, trying to get as many possibilities lined up as possible over the next couple weeks I believe–and she was quite appreciative. She said she’d never heard of the Fellowship for Intentional Community before discovering it online and was quite inspired. I believe there are significant outreach opportunities for the communities movement (as well as eco-living movement) through our help in bringing in candidates for the documentary series. We might even help save their society from crumbling due to poor communication or dysfunctional group process!

If this has reached you, please feel free to post on social media or spread however you see fit. I’m not social-media savvy but I know many of you are. Also feel free to forward to others I’ve left off this list (some probably inadvertently)–any additional recipients are also free to post on social media, etc.

Thanks and happy holidays!