Bios of Speakers at All Day Immersion on Death:
La Casa de Maria, Santa Barbara, 11/30
(alphabetical order)

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Duncan Badine
hails from Portland, Maine where he and his sister held their mother’s hand as she died of lung cancer.

Barbara Bartolome Headshot-2
Barbara Bartolome Founder/Director of the International Association for Near-Death Studies (IANDS) in Santa Barbara, is a two-time near-death experiencer. She will provide up to date information from near-death experience research, including discussing the common aftereffects that experiencers report, as will conclude with why these experiences affirm that our consciousness survives death.

Doug 9800742 300x300
Douglas Gillies, attorney and facilitator, is the author of 101 Cool Ways to Die ( and Prophet—the Hatmaker’s Son. The Life of Robert Muller. In his award-winning documentary “On the Edge,” twelve speakers, including Mikhail Gorbachev, Carl Sagan, Ted Turner, Huston Smith, and Jane Goodall address the state of the world. As he facilitated the formation of the Santa Barbara Alliance for Living and Dying Well in 2007, Gillies discovered that most people in the U.S. are reluctant to talk about dying. 101 Cool is a strategy to address that problem.

LBG Esalen-Griggs
Lewis Brown Griggs: During the first of his two near death experiences, Lewis discovered that we are on earth to fulfill a particular Purpose, and that he had not been on the right path. He was told that he must return to earth to teach people to appreciate diversity in our common humanity. Since then, his work has included teaching corporations that valuing diversity, relationship and Spirit maximizes organizational effectiveness.
       In his second near death experience reported on KRON/4 news, Lewis was crushed by a tree in a white-water river accident and after an eight day coma went through many years of traumatic brain injury recovery.

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Lynn Holzman
is is a certified Hospice and Palliative Care Registered Nurse and trained as a home funeral guide with Jerrigrace Lyons.  She is the Vice President of the Funeral Consumers Alliance of Southern California and founded Death Café Santa Barbara.

josephine laing
Josephine Laing: For nearly thirty years, Josephine Laing has served as a clairvoyant healer helping thousands of people from around the world to find relief from hard to diagnose and chronic health issues.  Josephine has been teaching classes in spiritual and mystical studies for over two decades, bringing self-empowerment to individuals wishing to explore deeper aspects of themselves.

David-Hamilton-Nichols photo Death-Immersion 30-Nov-2015
David Hamilton Nichols is a Spiritual Teacher, Author, and Healer who works with spiritual beings, including those who have crossed over.  As a channel and embodiment of the Light, he works to bring information and energy, including from higher dimensions of Consciousness, to others in both private and group settings.  He is founder of Divine Blaze® LLC and is soon to launch his new website

William Peters
, MFT, M.Ed, directs The Shared Crossing Project and its research initiative to examine conditions contributing to the Shared Death Experience. He trained with John of God in Brazil, and served as a volunteer with the Zen Hospice Project in San Francisco, and today he will be discussing his research on shared-death phenomena.

Tamra Rutherford,
is a life coach and conscious practitioner in Santa Barbara.  The founder of Inner Life Explorations, she helps others expand consciousness by diving deep into their inner realms. In the last 10 years, her personal path has embraced the use of psychedelic substances for growth, healing and death practice.

Arlene Stepputat
  has been working with death and dying for most of her life.  She was at the frontline of the AIDS epidemic in New York City,  is both a staff member and a volunteer for Visiting Nurse and Hospice Care and  is a graduate of both the Metta Institute and the Sacred Art of Living and Dying Center in Bend, Oregon.

choir t479
Threshhold Choir (L to R) Penelope Salinger, Tessa Flanagan, Marilyn Scott, Hathor Hammett, Luciana Cramer, and Carol Sharpe share a song with a Sarah House resident.

Maxwell Corydon Wheat Jr.
, of Freeport, New York, in 2003 was awarded the Long Island School of Poets Award by the Walt Whitman Birthplace Association in West Hills, Long Island. He writes about social issues, peace, nature, and theology. On Long Island he teaches for Taproot Workshops Inc., for writers 55 and older and teaches a Continuing Education course, “You can write Poetry!” He is a Poet Laureatte of Nassau County New York.

Bob Banner has been a publisher (mostly known for a print publication in 4 counties on the central coast called HopeDance: Radical Solutions Inspiring Hope), Deep Conversation Gathering facilitator, Laughter Yoga Teacher, screener of transformational films since 1996 and currently creating ecstatic dances and All Day Immersions on leading edge “solutionary” issues.