Thank you all who came to my first Meditative Healing Space last Wednesday. It was clear to me after the first session that this is not a usual meditation. We shared a powerful time together so I felt called to offer how this practice arose in my life and give a description of what to expect for those of you who are considering coming.

I have known the medical benefits of a meditative practice for years but had struggled to find one that worked for me. One that consistently dropped me into present moment awareness, stilling the incessant chatter of my mind and allowing me to feel my body. I had tried silent meditations, mantras, guided visualizations and a whole host of other forms, which were all fine but did not grab my attention. Then a couple of years ago when I was walking alone on the beach, I began speaking words out loud in a commanding and powerful voice. There was something compelling in the tone and quality of my voice that was deeply engaging. I had to keep doing this, playing with different combinations of words. The effect on me was phenomenal. I felt a calm stillness and a powerful peace each time I went into this space. Over the years as this practice deepened, I shared it with friends and I was amazed at how deeply it affected them as well.

It was clear that the meditative space set up by my vocal tone could be a huge service to others. The exact nature of that service is what I am exploring by offering it to you. It is of utmost importance to me that your own individual path be respected therefore all the words are spoken in the first person. For example, I will say, “I am here now”, it is your choice to simply witness what I am saying or take these words as your own. I plan to add about 10 min of silence at the end of the spoken words so that you can digest and feel the effects in your body.

My hope is that you will be able to feel in your body what it is like to have the mind quiet and your awareness fully engaged in the present moment. That is a healing space, a space where the bodies hormonal system can adjust and balance, releasing all that no longer serves.

I look forward to seeing you there! Every Wednesday from 5:30-6:30p at East Wellbeing and Tea.
1238 Monterey St. SLO.

Remember space limited to 20 people. You can sign up online at under classes or call (805) 542-9500

Thank you all so, so much!
Ann Marie