Sept. 28, 9am to 5pm:
A day long event immersing ourselves in films, speakers, death cafe, breakouts, Q&A, film segments that involve
the vast array of issues relating to Death.
Songbird Healing Center
8297 Old Redwood Highway
Cotati, CA 94931

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$30 all day; $20 half day; $10 per film

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Terri Daniel, Lewis Brown Griggs, Marilyn Schlitz, Shepherd Bliss, Puja, Michelle Vesser, Vicky Combs, Jerrigrace Lyons, Janet Caliri and Tom Pinkson will be speaking at the event.
     The two main films are DEATH MAKES LIFE POSSIBLE & GRIEFWALKER…
& other film segments smoothing out the day….

We need Vendors!
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VENDOR AT DEATH EVENT: 3960 S. Higuera St. #104, San Luis Obispo, CA 93401


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Sponsorships TBA (or $450 donation to our non profit can give 15 free scholarships to
students or people in need:

A GoFundMe campaign may be created soon for a Scholarship fund…
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a free film :

The Day I Died: This documentary features in-depth case studies of Near Death Experiences including a dramatic veridical (verifiable accurate) out-of-body experience, the most recent research studies, and balanced interpretations of NDEs from both skeptical and “believer” perspectives ­ virtually everything an inquiring mind would need for an introduction to NDEs. One of the best documentaries made about Near Death Experiences, by the BBC. Featuring many top scientists that have studied Near Death Experiences and other related incidents. The BBC has refused to replay this documentary, and has stopped it from being sold as a dvd. They don’t want to get accused of supporting ‘fringe’ theories.

Location : Songbird Healing Center
8297 Old Redwood Highway