by Emily Emanuel

I decided to write this article because I would love for everyone everywhere to feel happy most of the time.  Why?  Because for the first time in remembered history, I wake up happy, go through my day happy and sleep happy.  
Javier De Salas

In October, 2014, I fell, broke parts of my body, had a craniotomy to remove a benign tumor and spent four and a half months in a nursing facility. I looked high, at spiders’ webs in ceiling corners and low, under the bed with the dust bunnies, and happiness was nowhere to be found.   Once I had re-gained most of my faculties, I clearly thought, “This must have happened to me for a reason.”  I was determined to find some answers and knew without a single doubt that I would have to change.

When I was about 32 years old I decided to find happiness and meaning in my life.  The journey began with explorations in Religious Science, then metaphysical teachings, then finding a guru, then studying esoteric teachings…homeopathy… radionics…psychology…allopathic medicine and pharmaceuticals.  You name it, I tried it.  Except for the joy I felt as a mother and the enormous love I had and have still for my children, I had lost myself and decided to learn to live with myself as I was, a flawed human being.

The injury provoked re-examination of my beingness.  At a critical point, I found Mystic Healing or perhaps it found me.  It was a convoluted path I tread before my encounter so I will spare you the details.  The short version is as my August birthdate neared, I committed to trying a Mystic Healing session with Javier De Salas via Skype, as he lives in Spain.  I had the session and the next day, woke up a different woman.

It is extremely difficult to explain the change in consciousness with words.  But, I have some examples.  I was immediately able to stop a medication I took to help me relax.  My relationship to food changed.  I completely ceased being a compulsive eater, foraging and binging.  I have lost weight but at the same time I am now unconcerned with the numbers on the scale.  I know about events before they happen, I feel loved by the universe, I recognized that all my life I had been worried about money, suddenly having the realization that my needs would be met, no problem, I totally accept my children as they are, internally setting them free to fly.  I have had more Mystic healing sessions and I continue to change.  I smile, laugh and crack jokes, particularly enjoying wordplay, and feel adventurous about life in myriad ways.

Here is a bit about Mystic Healing in Javier’s words. “Mystic Healing cannot really be described with words.  Words are insufficient since the experience is beyond words, beyond the mental world of concepts, ideas etc.  It’s all about the transmission of energy, an energy of Love which brings great healing, especially at the emotional level, and expands our consciousness.  Knowledge comes through the Silence and the Spiritual Light.  Knowledge that comes through direct experience, a knowledge which is understood by the heart and not simply intellectual knowledge.”  

I am so excited about this process and became so happy that I invited Javier to come to San Luis Obispo to present a workshop in November, 2015.  He has agreed and is happy to offer a free introductory, experiential lecture. 

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