Ecstatic Dance in SLO county
by Bob Banner

An article I wrote some years back contains pertinent info. I called it Hot & Holy Dancing HERE.

A short video of a group speaking about and experiencing “ecstatic dance” in Houston is here:

Another video clip of ecstatic dance… this one from pioneer Gabriel Roth:

Past events:
Another new venue for ecstatic dancing has been birthed at the Grange Hall in SLO on Broad Street.
August 29 featured Michael St. Patrick:
HopeDance site:

Ahmed Galko at the Grange on Sept 5th:
Details HERE
Facebook Invite page: HERE

Some of the “rules” of ecstatic dance:
YES to wearing socks or barefeet
YES to verbal silence but allowing the body to speak
YES to being in an alcohol-free space
YES to dancing as if everyone or no one is watching; however you prefer it!

a past event flyer….


Other Ecstatic Dance venues in SLO County:
On Friday nights there is a wild group that does ecstatic Dancing at the Joslyn Center in Cambria, called INNER RHYTHM. Check out their facebook page:

On Sunday mornings, people meet irregularly at the SLO Vets Hall in SLO. Their fb page is here:

If you are not on facebook, you can visit HERE

From Barbara Morningstar for clarification:
<<EDSLO is scheduled for twice a month with the dates on the web page. It’s all volunteer run, non-profit, and a mix of both live and recorded music; occasionally facilitated, always fun… be>>

The remaining of 2015 Ecstatic gigs at the SLO Grange Hall:
<<Thursday, September 24 (Linda Crawford)
Saturday, October 17 (TBA)
Thursday, October 22 (Zachariah Stowasser)
Friday, Nov 6 (Ahmed/Galko)
Thursday, Nov 19 (DJ Heartbeat [from sonoma county])
Thursday, Dec 10 (Dionysius)>>

Just created a fb page that simply focuses on all the ED events sponsored by HopeDance:

If you are interested in deejaying please contact me: or call 805.762.4848

The SLO Grange Hall has been renovated in a big way:
• Sacred Grove area in the back
• A certified kitchen
• Architectural changes by sustainable architect Ken Haggard
• SLO Seed Exchange has a garden

held by such groups as:
Permaculture Guild, SlowMoneySLO, HopeDance FiLMs, Square Dancing, Farmers Market, Rare Fruit Growers, Seed Exchange, Tango, Pancake breakfasts every first Sunday AM (8am-11am)… and on and on…. and now ecstatic dance…

See other community groups’ listings at their calendar at: