Bob Banner’s Birthday Party
Sunday, Aug. 9. 6-10pm
Celebrating 64 years
omg! how did that happen!?
fb party info:

at the Clubhouse at Creekside Estates,
Tank Farm and S. Higuera
3960 S. Higuera
Flyer TBA

the day after: <<wow thanks for all who attended the party at the creekside clubhouse! the food, the conversation, the buzzing around,,, the dipping feet into the pool, I finally got to play some pong wickedly. it was such a gas.. and the gathering of the tribes to speak from our hearts as to what we are working on internally as well as externally to give people and to share with people how and what we are being affected to alter and transform in our lives. To simply hear that from people, to give us a space to share from a deeper place seems to be a calling of mine not only because I want to share with others the depth of new insights, new strategies, new inner technologies and to share evolving threads in our lives.. which all in all creates more compassion, more understandings, more of an emotional breadth to our lives and others… I will stop there… thanks and perhaps not wait another year for this to happen.. It inspires me to renew the deeper conversation gatherings I had once upon a time… maybe a new morphing..>>

Food, snacks, green juices, non alcohol, ping pong, readings, poetry, conversations, pool, swimming, jacuzzi… not necessarily in that order.