Hello HopeDance readers watchers observers thinkers feelers healers change agents activists:

Wow this new enterprise of putting together an all day IMMERSION is intense. It appears to be like putting together a bimonthly print publication but with lots more visibility and need for others. Rather than hunt down a writer for a publication IM hunting down active people who are doing stuff and can speak with passion about what they do and care about.


With the DEATH Immersion in May it sortof fell in my lap… Once I sincerely asked the question about my fear of dying, all sorts of beautiful people entered into my reality zone and I felt nudged in a major way to share my mini journey with others in a bigger way than simply writing about it or posting articles or publishing online. I sensed that this was the new direction the universe was pushing me to move into. Im still uncomfortable with using the God word so I use the term: Universe. It is safer for me and for others. So be it…

I simply want to use this time to explore with you why and what this is about… After showing numerous films on the central coast (3 counties) to have a discussion after each film with either me or other people more knowledgable about certain issues, I discovered it was only scratching the surface. Yes people could go home and wonder about it, google for more information… but somehow the notion of an all day immersion into the specific issue with break outs, conversations, vendors, speakers and film clips could give people more, an immersion into the subject and meet people spontaneously or in a way that resonated with what they were needing at that time.

Im also doing this with specific issues that are undernourished in our area.. and it appeals to the hopedance publisher in me that wanted and needed to take on issues that not many people would venture outside the comfort zone of what is media acceptable. If I take on MONEY, for example, I want to find people and or groups who are doing wild and crazy things with either subverting the dominant paradigm or some ways to chip away at a dinosaur type system that is on its way out… or starting something that is soo cool that it appears as a no-brainer and can get wildly and widely accepted… Im into finding out what is coming in and who is heralding and championing it in our area, our county, our central coast so we can give more eyes and ears to hear and see them, to allow us to be touched by them, to feel them, to seek to understand them and perhaps even be so brave as to join them, promote them, support them. This is the basic foundational work for any dominant paradigm to shift. More and more people on the edges getting acquainted, feeling supported, having strange conversations in the middle of the night with often times beginning with: what is this reality? why are we working so hard and not working at what we love? why am I spending so much time with taxes, bills, rent, food, debt? and what about my destiny, my purpose, my joy of being alive here on this teeney speck in the Universe?.. conversations like that. You know what I mean (it can be either a question or a statement).

So with WATER it was obvious since the need is indeed apparent from all various sectors of society. All of us need water, plain and simple.. But there seems to be a demand to have it over with fast, as in any challenge. Rain will make it go away. Government agencies are responsible. Blame it on the corporations like Nestles and animal ag and on and on down that particular spiral.. but what can we do as a community, what can we learn from indigenous elders and youngsters who are doing cool things, who have a deeper respect for Nature and specifically water: what about greywater, composting toilets, water catchment, reducing our needs? Do we really have to shower every morning? Do I really have to wash my car? Who says so? What is wrong with this picture that it takes 660 gallons of water to produce 1 quarter pound burger and not many enviro orgs are talking about? Things like that.

So just imagine when some Immersions will emerge from this similar depth of need and edge and being cajoled by the Universe to stand up and take notice and do something about it. Like education, like debt, like food and food waste and soil and gmos and fracking.. and what about energy? With all sorts of free installation deals to put solar panels on rooftops, why arent we doing it? Is it simple inertia even when certain businesses make it sooo easy for us to change? What else is going on?

I cant wait to do one on MONEY, to let the Time Bank people speak to an ever larger audience.. and what about social investments in things that are working with Nature rather than the typical corporate model and investments that are destroying our habitat? Where are the B Corps? Why are there only 2 businesses in the county that are BCorps? and why  is there only 5 that are members of “1% for the planet”? SO much that exists but they are not that well known? Where is the media that focuses on regeneration and thrivability and move beyond mere “sustainability”?

It seems like Im already setting up an IMMERSION into the MEDIA.. wouldnt that look great?!.. an immersion into who and what are really the spokespeople FOR nature and the future rather than holding on to old paradigm solutions or just eeking out a living so no one will notice, so no real heartfelt emotions can be heard amidst the cacophony of this viewpoint or that one or which commercial can be more seductive and win over more clients and customers and money so I can pay off my college loan, or credit card debt, etc…  and continually forgo what my heart really needs to do at this time on this particular planet.

You get my drift, or not? Some other issues of Immersions could be: RELATIONSHIPS, PORNOGRAPHY/SEXUALITY, UNSCHOOLING, GENUINE ALTERNATIVES TO THE HUGE EXTRACTION ECONOMY, OVERCONSUMPTION … Do we have to start another movement of “voluntary simplicity” to perhaps convince a newer generation that its ok to be simple but not simple minded and to question the stuff that we keep buying needlessly? Or will INvoluntary simplicity take care of it?

I will stop here. My immediate concerns are for the next 2-3 special IMMERSIONS: HEALING, MONEY and FOOD.. and EDUCATION, not necessarily in that order. If you have any passion for any of these specific issues, call me and lets talk or email me.

If youve read this far, I congratulate you and I thank you for listening!!

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