Bios of Speakers at the all day
WATER IMMERSION, July 25, 2015
see schedule HERE

Jim Aaron

Jim Aaron is from Wisconsin and migrated to California to surf and ski in his twenties.  Moved to SLO in 84 to raise his family and has lived in SLO, Paso, Cambria and back to SLO since 2003.  As an avid outdoor enthusiast Jim has lived a green lifestyle from the early days of Surfrider Foundation, a 27 year member of Central Coast Concerned Mountain Bikers (3CMB) building and maintaining our local trails, and as the founding Executive Director of the San Luis Obispo Bicycle Coalition.  Several years ago Jim began working with Justin Smith the owner of Potter Plumbing Inc to assist with consulting and installing grey water and rain harvest systems in Cambria one of the communities most severely affected by the drought.  Both Justin and Jim are ARCSA (American Rain Catchment Systems Association) certified and Justin is one of two certified Green Plumbers in the county and has been designing and installing water conservation systems for over ten years.  Together their combined experience in water conservation design and construction is widely considered to be the one of the top installer companies in the county.  

John Ashbaugh
is Vice Mayor of the City of San Luis Obispo, and has represented the City on the countrywide Water Resources Advisory Committee for over six years. He has been a chairman of the Santa Lucia Chapter Sierra Club in the 1980s, and last year he won the Bill Denneen Environmental Award for his contribution to environmental activism in San Luis Obispo County. He will talk about the water situation facing the City of San Luis Obispo, and the strategies that the City intends to utilize to meet the challenge of this “exceptional” drought.”

Bob Banner
is a writer, publisher, screener of edge films and promoter of shift-type events. This is his second Immersion all day event. The first one was on DEATH that happened on a Monday. Since it was so successful he had the motivation to create others… Next ones will be on such edge topics as Healers, Unschooling, Alternatives to Money, Food, The new Spirituality, The Unusual & Strange… His website is http://www.hopedance.org/. To get on his list, visit: http://bit.ly/1wKztGw

Jeanne Blackwell
She is a concerned citizen turned activist. “It can happen to anyone anytime,” she writes. Campaigned in SLO for Prop 37 whetted her appetite for just doing what was needed to get the job done. She is cursed with this David and Goliath syndrome and she doesn’t have enough sense to know when to be afraid. She writes: “Don’t always know what to do or how to do it but doesn’t seem to make much difference. All the right people seem to show up at the right time and that’s all it takes to make it work.”
    Another bit of advice: “when you do something for the first time it’s kind of like you can do no wrong because no one knows what wrong is.”

Michael Cervin
has been the Senior Editor at BottledWaterWeb for a decade. He has been a water judge at the longest running water competition in the world, and his TV appearances on water issues include Fox News Health and Oasis TV. His water articles have appeared in numerous publications like The Pacific Coast Business Times, The Hollywood Reporter, Vision Magazine, Fox News Health, the Ventura County Reporter, among others. He has been quoted as a water authority in various media and his most recent book is “Our World of Water: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly of Earth’s Most Critical Resource.”

Rev. Tinker Donnelly
is a Science of Mind minister, and the Founder/Director of “HeartWorks”.  Her inspiring programs celebrate spiritual living from a holistic, omni-faith perspective. Information about spiritual gatherings, workshops, counseling, and ceremonies is available at heartworks.org

Tod duBois
is a Cal Poly Engineering Management (MBA/MS Engineering) graduate with global work experience in Fortune 500 companies, start ups like Ariba Inc. and multiple small ventures. Now focusing on a new California Benefit Company to address sustainability in power, water and waste systems right hear in San Luis Obispo. Sangha Energy is blending traditional and alternative power generation systems with new technology for water and waste processing for a more sustainable future.

Dr. Leslie Kasanoff
is a lifelong health advocate, a chiropractor and a Tower Garden enthusiast. She sees chiropractic patients at Community Health Centers in San Luis Obispo and also does personal health coaching.  More about Dr. Leslie at http://drlesliek.com

Josephine Laing
is a clairvoyant healer. For over twenty five years, she has helped thousands of people from around the world to find relief from hard to diagnose and chronic health issues. During this time she has been teaching classes in spiritual studies bringing self-empowerment to individuals wishing to explore deeper aspects of themselves. Josephine reaches out to her readers helping them to explore the many ways to Deepen Spirituality, Develop Psychic Ability and Find True Purpose In Life.

Teresa Lees
Teresa (aka “Tree”) has firsthand experience in permaculture, classroom teaching, Garden Based Learning (GBL) in school gardens and nature based education.  She has put together a career that combines her love for children and their education with her love for the planet.
    She connects kids to nature in the Laureate School Garden wher she is the Life Lab teacher.  She also serves as the Chairperson of the GBL committee with the San Luis Obispo Master Gardeners, conducting teacher trainings in the Sunshine Demonstration Garden, disseminating curriculum resources and providing consultations to local school gardens. She also has been both a classroom teacher and a Natural for outdoor schools, Teresa also spent many years as the Children’s Education Coordinator at the kids’ programs including a children’s Food Forest, Native Peoples & Plants garden, solar fountain, and straw bale benches.
    She currently hosts the SLO Permaculture Guild’s listserve and Facebook page.  (https://www.facebook.com/SLOPermacultureGuild)

Bill Seavey
Seavey’s efforts have been publicized in the SLO Tribune (front page!), Cambrian (where he writes the Green Savings column), and he has presented his ideas to Los Osos CCSD/Golden Water Symposium and Cal Poly Sustainability Fair.  He has also published articles on the above subjects in nationwide Countryside Magazine(Feb) and was a regular contributor to HopeDance magazine (when it was in print).

Mary White
wanted to be part of a team that helped reach the masses about our environmental impact. In 2007 she was very concerned about what was happening to the ocean with the plastic waste. In 2012 she took a Landmark Education course and the problem with the plastic in the oceans was still haunting her so through this course she was challenged to do something… after a previous involvement with Clean Teach Open showed no interest in adding a category related to projects that could help with removing, reducing, and/or eliminating our plastic waste going into the ocean, she was challenged to create a separate organization just for that… and that was the start of Clean Oceans Competition (http://www.cleanoceanscompetition.org/).