Please refer to the site where everything is listed: websites, store, donations, gofundme’s, bio’s, trailers, scholarships, volunteers:

9:00am-9:15am    Bob Banner will introduce the all day event    

9:15am-9:35am    Rev Tinker Donnelly will present a water blessing/ceremony
    about water’s memory to introduce the event…..
9:35am-9:46am    FiLM: Walking Water (walking the water routes in localities)

9:46am-10:06am    Jim Aaron of Potter’s Plumbing (Household Water Management)
    will talk about greywater and rainwater catchment …
10:06am-10:12am    FiLM (trailers of LAST CALL AT THE OASIS & TAPPED)

10:15am-10:35am    Shower to Shower – A Grey Water Recycling Future  / Tod duBois will present a unique perspective on the existing water infrastructure and a new vision of distributed water recycling. He will then announce the launch of a social media campaign for the Grey Water Recycling Experimenters Kit or GREK.
10:35am-10:43am    FiLM: Ed Begley Jr interviews Sadhguru about water…

10:45am – 11:05am    Josephine Laing will speak about the Love & Beauty of Water
11:05-11:15am    FiLM: Annie Leonard’s film on the Story of Bottled Water

11:20am-11:40am    Bill Seavey: The DIY Budget Rainwater Harvesting Strategies
11:45am- Noon    FiLM: Compost Toilet family film

Noon-1:20pm    LUNCH (featuring a meal from FIG good food from Atascadero) Donations…
    Food will be in the dining hall with all the vendors.
    The “Beer Garden” is open for us to hang out, conversations, take a break, eat lunch., connect..
    It is located directly behind the Grange, a circular area with chairs and
    shade from the grove of Eucalyptus trees.

Photographer/filmmaker Edward Burtynsky’s colorful and visually dramatic work entitled WATERMARK will be played with no sound in the main hall during the lunch break…

1:20pm-1:50pm    Can Water Come Back From the Dead?
    Michael Cervin, author of Our World of Water: The Good, the Bad & the Ugly of Earth’s     
    Most Precious Resource, who lives in SBarbara, will give his talk, with some Q&A’s.
2-3pm    Featured FiLM: SlingShot (54min) See flyer here

3-3:20pm    Leslie Kasnoff will have her Tower Garden and will speak about the water
    savings of this type of gardening.
3:20pm-3:30pm    FiLM: Cowspiracy trailer and segment about water use

3:30pm-3:50pm    Jeannie Blackwell of SLO Clean Water will talk about our legal rights, the Rights of Nature and             examples of people winning over corporations when it comes to fracking…
3:50pm-4:05pm    FiLM: 14 min clip from BOTTLED LIFE film about Nestles (a successful story/segment)

4:05pm-4:25pm    John Ashbaugh will focus on what the City’s situation is now, what strategies we’re using to get us
    “through” this drought, and how we will respond if the drought worsens in the next year and beyond.

4:30pm-4:50pm    Mary White will speak about the state of the oceans
4:50pm-5:05pm    FiLM: How the Oceans Can Clean Themselves (a TEDx talk)

5:05pm-5:25pm    Teresa Lees will be speaking about DROPS – Drought Response Outreach Program for Schools.
    Three school districts each received a million dollar grant to install LID stormwater retention project,
    permeable pavers, raingardens and more. Rancho El Chorro Outdoor School also received the grant.
5:30pm-5:45pm    FiLMs: Inhabit: A Permaculture Perspective(trailer) & “All Are One.”

6-8pm    Beer Garden for Q&A, Breakout sessions, Hanging out, maybe a dinner meal and the main hall will be available for a panel, Q&A, etc.

8-10pm    Ecstatic Dance with Josh Payne of Dionysius, Separate fee of $10 (prefer cash) main hall

TO SEE THE FLYER FOR THIS SCHEDULE, please visit here: http://bit.ly/1N7y4Rt and go to the bottom of the page!