Billionaire Buddha
by Rivera Sun

BBby Rivera

I was blown away while reading this novel. I rarely read novels but I got hooked. Rare it is that someone writes a story about riches to rags. We all know too well about the popularity of the stories about from rags to riches… but from a billionaire who knows he has become heartless and knows he needs to change and listens to his heart? wow what a wonderful story! chock full of incredible insights about who man is, about wealth, about the rights we humans feel we have over mother nature and an embracing of a new depth emanating from nature herself to be touched by the former billionaire.. to see him giving it away, to see him homeless, to see him traveling with his new spiritually deep woman traveler/lover, to see him in prison, to follow him and his heart and love side by side with our lives, my life and to feel once again and again how Buddhism touches peoples hearts and how deep they will go especially around a topic we don’t really talk much about: our personal relationship to money.

This is an important seed for all activists and non-activists alike. A warning: this book will change your life, however deep we want to go.

Thank you Rivera Sun and Dariel Garner!!

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– Bob Banner

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