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San Luis Obispo, CA June 24, 2015  –  The San Luis Obispo City Council took ground breaking action last night in instructing the city Treasurer to divest of any and all investments in fossil fuel companies.  As the damaging effects of climate change are coming into more immediate and sharper focus, San Luis Obispo joins a growing list of state, private, religious institutions in taking this bold and immediate action.

The fossil fuel divestment movement began around 2011, led by activist and author Bill McKibben and 350.Org, a climate change awareness organization.  The movement was inspired by the divestment movement targeting the apartheid regime in South Africa in the early 1990’s.  

San Luis Obispo-based Sustainable & Responsible investment manager, Scott Secrest of Natural Investments has been a long-time proponent of fossil fuel company divestment.  While he manages investor accounts of all types, Natural Investments began offering a fossil fuel divestment and fossil fuel-free portfolios in 2012.

Secrest said, “I strongly commend the recent fossil fuel company divestment action taken by the SLO City Council.  Climate change is now a critical concern for communities around the globe.  Negotiation with the oil industry has yielded little since these risks have become known.  Divestment is now our best option for meaningful change on this issue.”

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my comments:

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> HI Caucus activists-

SLO City Council has agendized Socially Responsible Investing.>>

this is a good beginning.. but I think we ought to go farther.. as in INVESTING in PEOPLE and PROJECTS and scrub the notion of charity and forgo the duality of either investing in old paradigm of the EXTRACTING resource economy and then turning around and giving “monies” to charity. In a recent expose of the American Red Cross raising half a billion of dollars where they only built 6 homes in Haiti during the earthquake ( it might dawn on us to take more responsibility for our monies that we may set aside for our charity funds.


SlowMoneySLO ( is a great way to invest in local food orgs where people/investors meet a foodie person who wants to either start or grow their business and chat and look at reports etc and then when the discussion slows down, the check books come out and terms are created on the spot and arrangements and deadlines are formalized and money is transacted.

I think we need to go a step further. There are many activists perhaps even on this list who arent necessarily working for a non profit or the gov. where they are guaranteed some monies… Many are doing whatever they can in various jobs so they can do the service they feel they are meant to do on this planet at this time. And just imagine the possible future scenario of 200 student activists (wouldnt that be a revolution!?) who graduate from CalPoly only to find themselves swamped in debt due to a corporatized form of university education.. see the trailer of the new/2014 film called IVORY TOWER: and we cannot assume that they are even ready for any corporate/technological job since jobs are changing radically (see the work of Peter Thiel who is offering students $100,000 to NOT attend college (and join him in the Bay area)..

The point is to fine tune our “activism” into livelihoods that are financially secure so we can grow into not only “natural” ecologically safe business concerns and reality but actions and projects and livelihoods that can keep time with the 6th extinction that is weighing against us. We in our 50s-80s may not feel the pressure of 20 year olds who want livelihoods NOW where they are not involved in the extraction of natural resources type labor.

I wrote that this is a “good beginning”… but I do have to laugh… wow
Do you know how many B Corps are in this county? 2.
Do you know what a B Corporation is?
Do you know how many Investment firms in this county that do socially responsible investing? ONE!

I hope that a younger generation will not be so blase about these matters and hopefully they can instigate a totally different way of investing.. in B Corps and in Natural Investments as well as projects that may not be part of the profit protocol but can keep youth activism alive in this county.. and when I say activism, I dont mean protesting or marching or carrying signs. I mean going to the foundation of the accepted norm of capitalism, learn how it works and be creative as to how to stay alive and be examples of how they can stay here, what they can create here, how they are funded here and how they can be examples so more and more who dont want to resort to the resource extraction economy have a viable way to live, eat and live in this county while being very active in changing the political structure of the US as well as the county.

Natural Investments is the only natural investing group in the county. They are a B Corp and so is Elemental Herbs.
As far as how many businesses are involved in 1% For the Planet there are 6:

Elemental Herbs Morro Bay
G Squared Avila Beach
Niel Dilworth, Architect San Luis Obispo
Bridge Street Inn Cambria
Suntoucher San Luis Obispo
SummerLove Swimwear Creston


Thanks for listening to my rant. After seeing the prescient film PLANETARY, that perhaps a few of you have seen, I couldnt help but not only deeply cry but to have thoughts of actions that emerged either out of anger, compassion or simply love for this home we call earth. Here is my list that corresponds to what I wrote above.

<<When I saw the film for the first time (about a month ago), something cracked in me.. a new emotional crisis, a deeper call that Ive never heard before emanate from my mouth and being… I was shaking.. I think it had something to do with the astronauts feeling samadhi (a visceral oneness) when they saw the earth.. even though they really werent looking for the earth.. they were preoccupied with landing on the moon.. nonetheless it happened and feelings gushed.., and for me 3 insights spoke/emerged:
1. creating a debt moratorium so we have NO more excuses doing what we need to be doing;
2. creating a massive reverse peace corps (so we can learn how to really live with the earth, not at war with Her… and
3. creating and becoming GI’s, “gnostic intermediaries” where we spread a strong presence of love in hot zones of misunderstanding and stop the insanity of war.

People connected with either Outside Now, or who have completed a Permaculture Design Course or are certified NVC practitioners can be admitted for half price…>>

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please check out our All Day IMMERSION into WATER on July 25th at the SLO Grange Hall… perhaps some of you may wish to speak?.. All the details are here:

thanks Peggy for being my trigger!!>>

and thanks Scott for participating in this decision….