Names in alphabetical order who are speaking at the
All Day Immersion into the subject of Death
May 18th 9am to 9pm

Kat Alessi

Death Midwives and Home Funerals

Home funerals are significantly on the rise, as the families are choosing to care for their loved one at time of death. Spurred on by the home birth movement, Death Midwives are working to return to this important rite-of-passage back to the home and away from impersonal institutions.

Bob Banner
Intro to the Day

What fear inspired was to create what I was gathering and needed. I needed to be educated since I have been in denial for decades… and the creation, inspiration for this day long Immersion has culminated in this event. Hopefully the seeds of such new enlightening energy around death in our community/county will spread and deepen and blossom.

Barbara Bartolome
IANDS (near death studies and “shared crossings”)

Founder/Director of the International Association for Near-Death Studies (IANDS) in Santa Barbara, is a two-time near-death experiencer. She will provide up to date information from near-death experience research, including discussing the common aftereffects that experiencers report, as will conclude with why these experiences affirm that our consciousness survives death.

Kathryn Brewer and Karen Burish Wyke
The Gifts and Lessons from Stepping Up to Care for a Dying Friend

One of our women’s group of thirteen years together developed colon cancer.  Four of us volunteered to be her support, guides, and spiritual/psychological coaches during the last eight months of her journey.  Even though it was challenging on all levels—physical, emotional, mental and spiritual, it was a life-changing experience for which all of us hold deep gratitude.  It required a shift from the mind-set of focus on physical healing to opening for understanding how to assist letting go for all of us.  

Reuel Czach
My experience on the Other Side

In 1972 I was in a car accident in the mountains of Southeastern Washington State and “died” at the scene.  My body never left the spot on the ground where it lay broken and bleeding.  Yet I traveled up to experience a wonderful world beyond death where I spoke to God and he asked me if I wanted to return to my body.  I understood that I could take my time with this decision so I spent some time considering it and being in the amazing space beyond my body.  I could see my body on the road, the truck turned over and steaming, and gear spread out along the road where the truck had turned over all from about 100 feet above the scene.  This whole experience was infused with a Christian influence that I carry with me today.

Bill Denneen
Deciding on When and How and Where to die

<<I plan to end my life when “I”  want & how  “I”  want. I mention this as I would be  an excellent spokesperson about  DEATH. My opinion is Oregon’s  program should be adopted in CA.>>

Rev. Tinker Donnelly

She is a Science of Mind minister and the Founder/Director of “HeartWorks”.  Her inspiring programs celebrate spiritual living from a holistic, omni-faith perspective. She writes about her segment: “Life’s eternal continuum is about lineage and legacy … It’s not only about our personal journey, but also the unfolding collective journey … and empowering both our imparting, and departing.”

Fran Dukehart
Gateway at Death’s Door & Movement

Participants will experience a full relaxation exercise guided by Fran Dukehart, Movement Artist and Meditation Guide. This experience is an Invitation to Openness brought forward with the use of a magical drum that Fran used as a transport for her 89 year old yoga student during her transitional 5 day dying experience.
    The magical drum (Moyo Drum) creates an inner and outer state that can be felt as a gently hypnotic state which is full of ease, grace and lightness. The Golden Gateway meditation offers an opportunity to sense, feel and know a lovely sensation of lightness that feeds our natural harmonic state to appear without any effort. The Moyo drum lifts listener through the pentatonic scale creating a sense of peace that passes understanding. Fran has had many deeply insightful and personally peaceful experiences by utilizing the Golden Gateway meditation and the Moyo Drum with those who are sick, or on their death bed.

Don GerBracht, founder Healing Reset ™
Being Larger Than Fear or Stuck Grief

Experiences around death can be overwhelming, traumatic and stuck, a problem to let go of.  Healthy mourning naturally becomes holding you both in a higher sacred joy.  If it doesn’t, the opportunity is in the problem.  Indeed, ‘problem’ literally means ‘to throw forward’ (‘pro’ means ‘forward’, and ‘blem’ means ‘to throw’).  
    Problem pain, darkness, anxiety, fear etc. is life’s gifted fuel, a larger calling opportunity when used with know-how.  Courageously embracing it is the door of a richer renewal.  It’s not only possible, it’s easier than you think.

Shelley Kilcoyne
Assisting in movements during the “What About Me?”
music segment.

Shelley has counseled hospice families on their grief journeys for more than six years. Shelley is trained in craniosacral therapy and somato-emotional release, is a Qigong instructor and Reiki practitioner, and is influenced by 5Rhythms and OpenFloor movement practices.

Josephine Laing
Beauty in the Death Experience

We have numerous beautiful personal accounts from people who have begun the transition into the death state.  These give us insights into the nature of consciousness both while we are alive and after we have died.  These stories help us to resolve our fear of death and help us to embrace more fully the lives we lead.

Stacy Mitchell
Story telling in Honoring the person

Certified Life-Cycle Celebrant® Stacy Mitchell describes what ritual storytelling is and why it is important in honoring those we love in that transition called Death.  She will help you to know what questions to ask, before and after death, to create a meaningful ritual story that reflects the essence of the honoree and promotes the healthy expression of grief.
    Both Kat Alessi and Stacy Mitchell will also explore and present together the phenomenon of the Death Cafe and give us some examples and perhaps create the space to catalyze the energy of creating/cultivating this important gathering on the central coast…

Eve Neuhaus
Studying Steven Levine’s book A YEAR TO LIVE

Studying this book has become popular locally partly due to psychologist Barbara Scott’s dedication to creating the classes. Classes studying  Levine’s book are sprouting up all over. Eve will be discussing the impact it is having…

Bob Sachs
Tibetan Death Meditation

Author of numerous books including “Perfect Endings: A Conscious Approach to Dying and Death,” Bob Sachs conducts a death meditation which is truly transformative. He is also a member of Sogyal Rinpoche’s Spiritual Dying Network, a Licensed Independent Social Worker, and a member of the American Massage Therapy Association. He is the author of The Complete Guide to Nine Star Ki, Health for Life: Secrets of Tibetan Ayurveda, and Rebirth into Pure Land. And we are blessed to have him living in SLO.

Rosemary Wilvert
Green Burials in SLO County

Rosemary Wilvert will give an update on the progress of the natural burial preserve in west Templeton. She will show a five-minute interview with the creator of the first natural burial preserve in the U.S., in S.Carolina. This simple, earth-friendly option to traditional burial or cremation is also a means to restore native habitat while we lower our own carbon footprint. Rosemary will answer questions and circulate a sign-up sheet for all those who want to be kept informed about the proposed 34-acre preserve.
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