The Sacred Rendezvous

You are destined to meet certain people in life. You have a rendezvous with them. They will be guided to meet you as you are being guided to meet them.

These relationships are really not based upon past worldly experience, but are a part of a Plan that was established before you came into the world, a Plan that has been created to make it possible for you to discover higher purpose in your life.

God knows you cannot recognize and carry out this purpose alone, for it is remarkable and distinct from anything else in the world. It will defy definition and comparison, for it is guided by a Greater Power and a greater wisdom.


Relationships are the means, but they are also the reward. For nothing can really be done alone in the world. Even if you are working alone and living alone in isolation, whatever you could create is still a joint process. It is the process of uniting your mind with other minds—in this case, minds who are beyond the visible range—to produce something of greater meaning and significance.

This is what the athlete seeks in attaining a greater strength and ability. This is what the musician seeks in allowing the creative process to flow through them. This is what everyone seeks in their search for meaning in the world, a search that can only really be fulfilled by the greater purpose that has sent them here in the first place.

You will need others who can support your greater purpose and recognize its value in you.These are unique relationships. They are not established for convenience. They are not established to fulfill your ambitions or your fantasies. They have a greater role to play, a role that is essential for you to find the strength to honor what you most deeply know. It provides relationships of both a temporary and a permanent nature.

Here temporary relationships are like signposts, pointing the way, reminding you that you have a greater responsibility in life. Here people come into your life temporarily to stimulate Knowledge within you, or to provide an essential piece of wisdom that you need in order to proceed. You may have many of these relationships over time, and each one will play a part in helping you to discern your way and to find the strength to travel in that direction, which is a pathway that diverges from what everyone else is doing.

Then you will have relationships that are more permanent, particularly as you advance and gain greater clarity and strength, are able to break free from your former commitments and obligations and as you are able to recognize your own fantasies and disposition in relationships. Here you are beginning to approach rendezvous points with people who will play an even greater role in your life.

Just because you have a destiny together, does not mean that you will find one another. For there are many things in life that can hold you back. There are many hazards that can prevent you from making your rendezvous. There are many decisions that can turn your life into a different direction.

If you are not following your real pathway in life, you will always be uncomfortable, and this agitation and uncertainty will haunt you because in your heart you know you are not going where you need to go, you are not doing what you need to be doing, and your life is not moving where it needs to move. Here no amount of pleasure or distraction or therapy can allay this discomfort. For it is a sign that your life has a destiny and that you must follow this destiny. Your commitment to this must be greater than to love or money. It must be greater than the desire for wealth and security, even success as the world defines it.

Beyond the needs of the body and the needs of the intellect, there is the need of the soul. The need of the soul can only be fulfilled by carrying out your greater purpose in life and by making your rendezvous with those individuals who share this purpose and who will play a part in its discovery and expression.

There is no guarantee that everyone will arrive. And it is a miracle for those who do arrive because they have had to follow something inexplicable to find their way here. They have had to overcome their self-doubt and the persuasions of others to make this sacred rendezvous. They have had to trust something that perhaps no one else in their life trusted or valued. They have had to give their support to their own integrity and to their own sense of what is really right and correct for them.

The world is always seeking to persuade you to want something, to need something and to be something that does not represent your deeper nature. This distorting influence affects everyone to varying degrees. Even people who rebel against the values of their culture are still governed by these values. Just being a rebel is not enough, for until you discover a greater direction and a deeper voice within yourself, you are still being controlled by your social conditioning, whether you embrace it or whether you reject it. There is no freedom here.

Here you enter the wilderness. You leave the well-trodden path that everyone is traveling on, and you embark on a different and more mysterious course in your life.

This is the path that all the great saints and contributors to humanity have had to travel, and they have had to travel without the general approval of their family and friends. They have had to travel without a consensus of approval from the world around them. They have had to travel without hostility, without condemning others and without rejecting the world at large. For it is this world that you will have to serve in the future, so if you reject it blindly, then you will not be in a position to serve it wholeheartedly.

The Rendezvous is what everyone is searching for unconsciously in their desire for companionship, for love and for relationship. Here the needs of the mind, many of which are really not authentic to begin with, compete and obscure the deeper need of the soul. People do not realize that this need itself is genuine and authentic. At a deeper level, it is fundamental to your success and to the value of your life and your fulfillment here.

Ultimately this is a question about Separation itself. Those who believe that Separation is real and that they really can fulfill themselves through their ideas, their beliefs and their ambitions, do not recognize that they still have a fundamental relationship with God, with the Creator of all life.

You can argue endlessly against this relationship and this sense of purpose, but you cannot eradicate it. It will go with you wherever you go. You can never shake it off because you can never really separate yourself from God. You can never really separate yourself from life.

But ultimately the question is, can you make your real rendezvous with Knowledge and with those who are here to be a part of a greater purpose that is emerging in your life?

This is what you will reflect upon once you leave this life and return to your spiritual family, your learning group. They will not be interested in your hobbies and fascinations. They will not be interested in your tragedies or your mistakes, your lost romances or your failed economic adventures. They will not be interested in your psychopathology, or in the unique features of your former personality. They will only be interested in whether you made the sacred rendezvous with Knowledge and with the others who were sent to meet you. They will look at you and they will say, “Were you successful?” And you will be unable to misrepresent the truth to them, for beyond the world, deception in relationship is almost impossible. That is all that will matter.What can you do then, but return to try again. There is no “Judgment Day”, where if you failed in one life you go to everlasting hell. This is a purely human invention.

The whole notion of Hell is humanity’s attempt to punish those that it cannot accept, and use God as the punisher. It is to exact revenge. It is a tool of the intellect to punish other intellects, or to force them to believe, to coerce them to believe in acceptance and consensus.

Knowledge is here to move your life in a specific direction, but if you are not going in that direction, or have not gone in that direction, there is discomfort. But this discomfort does not call for denial or avoidance. It calls for recognition and resolution.This is why God does not condemn. God only attracts and employs.

You have a sacred rendezvous with Knowledge through a set of encounters that will alter the course of your life and reveal to you a deeper nature and a deeper reality that goes beyond your ideas about yourself, your personality and your personal history—a recognition that is beyond the realm and the reach of the intellect.

You have a rendezvous with other individuals. Some of them will be very brief, with those who come into your life momentarily to remind you of something, to teach you something or to speak to something deep within you that needs to be refreshed and renewed.

Then you have a rendezvous with those who will take up a greater position in your life, who are here to serve a greater capacity that they are only beginning to recognize within themselves. Those who make this rendezvous will play such a great part in your life and will stand in contrast to every other relationship that you have tried to establish for yourself. If you can meet these individuals, it will make all the difference for you, and you will realize that what you have been trying to follow is very real and that you will not take this journey alone.

To get up this mountain—particularly as you reach its steeper places—you will need great companionship. Perhaps one of these people will be your husband or your wife. Perhaps it will be a person who is sharing your greater work. Perhaps it will be a teacher who is here to encourage you to continue and to keep continuing. It can even be one of your children, who somehow recognizes your deeper nature and whose life is united with yours in expressing something unique and important in the world.

The relationship can take many different forms. But should you make this rendezvous, it will be evident that your relationship is really about something else, beyond the normal parameters of human relationships. It is speaking to something deeper and greater. It is mysterious. It has a more sacred and profound content. It is something that exists beyond the realm of the intellect, so it defies definition. Your words and your attempts to describe it can only be approximations. These are holy relationships, holy in their purpose and in their deeper nature.

The rendezvous is not the end point, but the beginning and an initiation of the next stage of your life. Here the great burden you have been carrying for so long begins to find expression in your life and in these relationships particularly, and you feel grateful and relieved. You feel renewed and reassured that you really are following something important, that you are not deceiving yourself and that there really is a greater power and a greater reality to your life.

These relationships will give testimony to this. They will bear witness to this. The Mystery will be with you and between you—a Mystery that you cannot define, but which you must learn to rely upon and to value above all things.

Your relationship with God will always be mysterious. You can never confine it within a set of beliefs, principles or a teaching. That is to put it in a tomb. It is always alive and dynamic. It is always illuminating your life and drawing you towards certain things and away from other things, like a great beacon drawing you homeward—out of Separation, out of the hell of your isolation, out of the irresolvable conflicts from the past, out of addiction, out of fantasy, out of seduction, out of guilt and out of failure.

It is an interesting thing that those who respond to this and who make the sacred rendezvous are people who have failed to fulfill themselves in the world. And they will perhaps feel they are failures. They have failed to acquire romance or wealth sufficiently. Or they have acquired these things, but have found them lacking and insufficient to their needs.So there is a sense of failure and disillusionment. But this failure and disillusionment are important. While everyone else may be avoiding failure and disillusionment, these two things prepare one to recognize a deeper reality within oneself.

If you have failed to make your rendezvous, later in life if you make this discovery, there is a second redemption. And that is to give to others—to share your wealth, to share your time and to share whatever you can in service to meeting the real needs of both people and of nature around you.

This is the second redemption. It is not as powerful and fulfilling as the first, but it is significant and will be effective. Those who have been driven through all of their life can find themselves at the end with the opportunity to give, to be benefactors—benefactors with wealth, if they have wealth; benefactors of time, if they have time; benefactors of care, if they have the strength to do this. So there is a second redemption.

What is important, particularly for younger people or people in middle age, is to focus on the great sacred rendezvous—to pray for them, to ask for them, to say to the universe, “Whatever it takes for me to make the rendezvous, I must make the rendezvous. I must know this greater purpose that lives within me.”

If you are ambivalent regarding it, if you are too afraid of it, if you are too much in conflict regarding it, you will not make the rendezvous. So you must choose what you will value. If you have gained enough wisdom in life—through success and through failure, through achievement and through disappointment—you will know how to make the right choice. You will see that the world can offer you pleasure and sorrow, but not fulfillment. That must come from somewhere else, from a Greater Reality in the universe and a greater reality that lives within you, within your Knowledge.

There is a reason you are searching in relationships, but it is not for pleasure, wealth or ambition. It is for a deeper reason. And though you may have many failures in relationships, you will never give up because you are seeking to make the sacred rendezvous that are waiting for you and that are necessary for you and for the fulfillment and success of your life.

Excerpt from The Sacred Rendezvous
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