I was very privileged to see the film before the world premier on March 13, 6pm at the Fremont. Im so thrilled to announce that this is a major winner of a film, not only the incredible writing and actors but the story itself is intense and deep and totally visceral. I couldnt help but feel the incredible outrage at the technology that allows young boys to use a particular app that can allow access to 15 year olds’ homes, as well as the home fighting between daughter and Dad, between Dad and his new sweetheart.

Based on a true story that reveals the outpourings of romantic love, a rebellious spirit that goes awry and anger at everyone and everything, we find Hannah entering a wholistic healing center (with touches of shamanism) where famed actor Peter Coyote plays its director. Hannah’s total rejection of all rules, her squirming at any discipline whatsoever contrasts deeply when she slowly melts and begins the journey of self discovery and opens herself to vulnerability, honesty and sharing her journey with other girls at the center. This is a profound film that will touch so many families who find themselves disconnected, where sex, drugs, continual distractions and shouting are all intertwined to show the absolute failure of isolated modern day affluent families. This is a story of privilege. Not many families can afford such treatment. Hopefully films like this will reveal the challenges, the needs, the precautions… and perhaps the schools, the churches, the local healing centers can be those bridges so more and more intelligent and heart felt modalities can happen amidst the watchful eyes of our youths adult care-takers.

This film is not only for young girls but parents, school teachers, politicians, app designers and healers of all stripes. Be sure to watch it all the way through to not only the footage of the real live Hannah but how the film team unusually and creatively worked with the acting horses. And the actress playing Hanna, Taylor Spreitler, will certainly be winning awards for her role!

Bob Banner
Director of HopeDance FiLMs

GIRL ON THE EDGE is showing Friday March 13, 6pm at the Fremont and Saturday, 4pm at Galaxy.